Price analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Decentraland

Bitcoin analysis

The price of Bitcoin it continued to bounce inside a downtrend area on Wednesday and ended its daily candle at $ -393.

The graph BTC / USD to 1 week below from TradingShot shows Bitcoin painting a fractal very similar to the April-October one that ushered in BTC’s next parabolic movement. The Bitcoin bulls are hoping that a similar parabolic breakout will occur after BTC’s rebound from the 50 weekly moving average as it did in August.

Bulls’ goals to the upside are 1 [64.657,22 dollari] and 2 [143.462,09 dollari]. If the bears break the moving average and push the price down, the goal for the bears is a retest of 0. [$29.140,50] which is the last low before Bitcoin parabolically rose to the $ 69k level.

Bitcoin ethereum

Bitcoin Ethereum

The above 4-hour BTC / USD chart from RESEPCUAN_ID it is a good representation of the ongoing battle between bulls and bears in a major inflection zone [$57,500-$58,5k]. Until the Bitcoin bulls are able to break out of the $ 58.5k level to the upside with a 4-hour candle for confirmation, the BTC bears are still in control for the moment.

The Fear and Greed Index is 32 Fear and -10 points from Wednesday’s reading of 42 Fear.

The 24-hour BTC price range is $ 55,937- $ 55,765 and the 7-day one is $ 55,861- $ 60,982. Bitcoin’s 52-week price range is $ 16,592- $ 69,044.

Bitcoin’s price on this date last year was $ 19,091.

The average price of BTC over the past 30 days is $ 61,561.

Bitcoin [-0,68%] it closed its daily candle with a value of $ 57,209 and in red for the third day of the last four days.

Ethereum analysis

The price of Ether looks relatively strong against BTC right now and is + 4.88% against BTC on the weekly time frame. Despite the strength against Bitcoin, ETH finished its daily candle at $ -70.45.

The ETH / USD chart below from hardinc illuminates how sharply Ether has moved higher during the last two months of the 2017/18 bull market. The price of ETH rose substantially from $ 329 to $ 1,413 at its peak in January 2018, before reversing to the downside. Of course, history doesn’t have to repeat itself, but the Ether bulls hope it rhymes.

Conversely, the Ether bears are attempting to finally break out of the $ 3.9k level and send the price of ETH into a deeper retracement.

The 24-hour ETH price range is $ 4,194- $ 4,364 and the 7-day price range is $ 3,981- $ 4,443. Ether’s 52-week price range is $ 501.45- $ 4,878.

The price of ETH on this date in 2020 was $ 568.28.

The average price of ETH over the past 30 days is $ 4,402.

Ether [-1.62%] closed its daily candle on Wednesday at $ 4,270 and in red figures after closing Tuesday’s candle in green figures.

MANA analysis

Decentraland’s price reached a new all-time high on Wednesday of $ 5.46 and closed its daily candle at + $ 1.14. The price of MANA was also over 35% at times during its daily candlestick on Wednesday.

The 1-day MANA / USD chart below from Cryptobees_buzz illuminates how strong the current uptrend of MANA is and how much room it still has to run upward if the bulls continue to hold the ball.

The goal on top of the current ascendant channel for MANA is $ 10. Decentraland’s bearish traders are instead hoping to break the current $ 3.6 demand line before testing a downside secondary target of $ 2.42.

Decentraland’s 24-hour price range is $ 3.96- $ 5.46 and the 7-day price range is $ 3.28- $ 5.46. MANA’s 52-week price range is $ .073- $ 5.46.

The price of MANA on this date last year was $ .089.

The average price for MANA over the past 30 days is $ 2.83.

Decentraland [+28.31%] closed its daily candle at $ 5.16 in green figures on Wednesday, after closing Tuesday’s candle in red figures.

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