Price cut decree: extended the simplifications on outdoor tables in summer

Simplifications are coming with the decree of “Contrasting the economic and humanitarian effects of the Ukrainian crisis” (also known as the Ukrainian bis or price cuts) for the occupation of public land in restaurants and bars. The authorizations already granted are extended – upon payment – for the whole summer until September 30th. From July 1st furthermore, the simplified procedures have been confirmed for applications for new concessions (or for an extension of the area already authorized): online submission with only the planimetry attached will be sufficient. Also up to September 30th the installation of removable elements or structures on public squares, streets, streets and other urban open spaces of artistic or historical interest is not subject to the authorizations of the Superintendent or the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for tourism.

Extension without further requests

“The extension until 30 September 2022 for the occupation of public land for the dehors”, approved with an amendment by the Lega in the Industry Committee in the Senate, “is a concrete response to those entrepreneurs who are still struggling to recover from the health emergency and economic, and who strongly ask us not to be left alone in the post-pandemic restart »comment the Northern League senators Luca Briziarelli, first signatory of the amendment, Roberto Marti and Paolo Ripamonti, respectively group leader and vice president of the Industry commission in the Senate. “The approved amendment allows bars, restaurants and public establishments, already deemed suitable, to continue, upon payment, to make use of outdoor tables and chairs throughout the summer season without having to produce any new requests and without the municipal administrations can deny it. “

Payment of the single fee

For the extension, the businesses must have paid the “single fee” (i.e. the patrimonial fee for the concession, authorization or advertising display) which from 2021 replaced, among other things, the tax for the occupation of public spaces and areas, the fee for the occupation of public spaces and areas, the municipal tax on advertising and the right on public billboards). The municipalities can however provide for the reduction
o exemption from the payment of the single fee.

New questions, simplified procedure

Another amendment, presented by Forza Italia, extends the simplified procedure to 30 September for submitting applications for new concessions for the occupation of public land or to expand the areas already granted. From July 1st to the September 30th it will be sufficient to submit it electronically to the office of the local authority, attaching only the plan in derogation of the discipline on the one-stop shop for productive activities. Exemption from stamp duty is envisaged.

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In the same period (1st July-30th September) dehors, elements of street furniture, equipment, platforms, tables, seats and umbrellas can be mounted on streets, squares, streets and other open spaces of cultural and landscape interest without the authorization of the Superintendent o of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (as required by the Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape).

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