price increase in the USA, soon also in Italy? –

Netflix announced theprice increase of its membership ranges for the USA. For those worried that the same might happen in Italy rest assured: the latest increases date back to December 2021, so there will be no more, at least in the short term.

The last time around a year passed between the US increases, announced at the end of October 2020, and the Italian ones. So just in case you need to start worrying towards the end of the year.

The US increases concern the $ 13.99 plans, which goes to $ 15.49, and the $ 17.99 one, which goes to $ 19.99. The basic plan was also raised by a dollar.

As always in these cases, the increases were motivated by the will of “continue to offer a wide range of entertainment options.“It must be said that since the launch of the service, Netflix prices have grown steadily, which is not exactly welcomed by many subscribers. However, the numbers of the video streaming platform are constantly growing, so we assume that complaints are often not followed by cancellations, at least not such as to worry the top management of the company.

One of the reasons for these increases could be competition from Disney + and Amazon Prime Video, which have significantly increased their investments in new content, as well as the arrival of very strong new players, such as HBO Max and Paramount +, on the market.

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