Price of the dollar in Colombia today, January 13: exchange rate and value in Colombian pesos

This Friday, January 13, The price of the dollar in Colombia is quoted at $4,692.04 Colombian pesoswhich means that the currency presents a decrease of the 1.19% with respect to January 12 ($4,748.54 pesos), reaching the lowest level in more than two months. As determined by the Financial Superintendence of Colombia in his most recent report.

According to the latest study by the Financial Superintendence of Colombia, the representative market exchange rate (TRM) increased by 18.19% (721.96 pesos) unlike the same day in 2022 and decreased by 2.98% (144.2 pesos) compared to the same day of the previous month.

As announced by the Bank of the RepublicCurrently, the only entity that is in charge of studying, calculating and certifying the TRM based on the operations registered on the immediately preceding business day is the Financial Superintendence of Colombia.

Movement of the dollar in Colombia in the last days

  • Thursday January 12, 2023: 4,748.54 COP
  • Wednesday January 11, 2023: 4,807.85 COP
  • Tuesday January 10, 2023: 4,885.66 COP
  • Monday, January 9, 2023: 4,885.66 COP
  • Sunday January 8, 2023: 4,885.66 COP
  • Saturday January 7, 2023: 4,885.66 COP
  • Friday January 6, 2023: 4,989.58 COP

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