Price of the dollar in Colombia today, January 26: exchange rate and value in Colombian pesos

The price of the dollar in Colombia for Thursday, January 26, 2023 fell 7.03 pesos, equivalent to a decrease of 0.15% compared to the previous day. The currency reached the lowest level in more than 3 months. That is, it remained in is of: $4,538.91 Colombian pesos. According to the Banco de la República, the representative market exchange rate (TRM) is the amount of Colombian pesos for one United States dollar.. The TRM is calculated based on foreign currency purchase and sale operations between financial intermediaries that trade in the Colombian exchange market, with fulfillment the same day when the currency negotiation is carried out.

Currently, the Financial Superintendence of Colombia is the one that calculates and certifies the TRM on a daily basis based on the operations registered on the immediately preceding business day. For today’s session it is as follows:

dollar in colombia

Secondly, According to the behavior of the dollar market during the day, also presented by the Banco de la República, the last registered price of the greenback today is 4,516.55. The rate with the opening of today’s session was 4,540.00. Finally, the average rate in the market is 4,531.95. Secondly, The average value of the North American currency in Colombia in the last 15 days is $4,664.55 pesos.

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