Price of the dollar today February 25, peso loses the week

Today, Friday, February 25, 2022, the dollar quotes at 20.3511 pesos per unit with a downward trend in real time. In this session, the spot interbank dollar ended at 20.3769 units. This means that the peso advances 21.54 cents compared to the last report of the Banxico.

On a weekly level, the local currency suffered a loss of 8.52 cents compared to its close on the previous Friday (20.2917), according to the Banxico registry.

According to the economist Gabriela Siller, despite the fact that the war continues, most of the currencies come back after the fall they registered when a lower risk aversion was perceived, where the Russian ruble leads this recovery and other currencies that are traditionally considered as haven assets – such as the Swiss franc and the Japanese yen – gave way to other emerging currencies.

On the local scene, capital flight from the Mexican economy stands out, adding up to 7 quarters at the end of the fourth quarter of 2021, which is the most current for which data is available. This situation is the longest sustained loss since a period of 9 quarters in a row was recorded in the 1980s.

Dollar price in banks mexicans:

  • Bank of Mexico: Buy $20.3769 – Sell: $20.3769
  • HSBC: Buy: $19.97 – Sell: $20.70
  • Banamex: Buy: $19.76 – Sell: $20.90
  • Bancomer: Buy: $19.74 – Sell: $20.63
  • Banorte: Purchase: $19.25 – Sale: $20.65
  • Scotiabank: Purchase: $18.40 – Sale: $21.40
  • IXE: Purchase: $19.25 – Sale: $20.65
  • Bajio Bank: Purchase: $19.80 – Sale: $21.10
  • Monex: Purchase: $19.98 – Sale: $20.98
  • Azteca Bank: Purchase: $19.55 – Sale: $20.29
  • Inbursa: Purchase: $20.00 – Sale: $21.00
  • Santander: Purchase: $19.44 – Sale: $20.96
  • Exchange: Purchase: $19.8528 – Sale: $20.8633
  • Banregio: Purchase: $19.50 – Sale: $21.10

As for the bitcoinat the moment it is at $39,008.9 with a downtrend in real time.

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referring to euroit is quoted at $22.94 pesos, for $27.30 pesos of the pound sterling overall average.

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