Price of the dollar today in Mexico: Exchange rate January 23, 2023

When starting operations the price of the dollar today monday was up to 19.34 pesos in banks. Meanwhile, the interbank exchange rate is located at 18.86 pesos per dollar, with a loss of 0.04 percent.

citibanamex sells the dollar at 19.34 pesos, while BBVA Mexico at 19.14, Banorte in 19.15 pesos and Azteca Bank in 18.99 units.

The peso started the week with a downward trendwith investors pending corporate results, in a day with few economic data.

How is the peso-dollar exchange rate going today January 23, 2023?
How is the peso-dollar exchange rate going today January 23, 2023?

How is the exchange rate?

In accordance with BASE Bankthe weight started the session with an appreciation of 0.24 percent (4.5 cents), with a value of around 18.83 pesos per dollar, with the exchange rate at a maximum of 18.92 and a minimum of 18.81 pesos per dollar.

The dollar weighted index is little changed, losing 0.01 percent against its main crosses, in a session with little relevant economic information.

The most appreciated currencies Today are:

  • Swedish krona (0.64 percent).
  • Chilean peso (0.57 percent.
  • Israeli shekel (0.55 percent).
  • Australian dollar (0.53 percent).
  • Norwegian krone (0.50 percent).
  • Russian ruble (0.40 percent).
  • Brazilian real (0.40 percent).
  • Mexican peso (0.24 percent).

On the contrary, heace most depreciated currencies Today are:

  • Hungarian forint (0.60 percent).
  • Japanese yen (0.52 percent).
  • Indian rupee (0.33 percent).
  • British pound (0.24 percent).
  • Turkish lira (0.19 percent).

In the commodity market, the WTI advanced 1.34 percent, and is trading at 82.40 dollars per barrel, while the gasoline rose 0.28 percent and natural gas 7.97 percent.

In the accumulated of the year, the WTI oil shows a gain of 2.67 percent.

This morning there is also reduced liquidity in the global financial market, due to the fact that several markets remained closed in Asia for him Lunar New Year.

In China Y taiwan the markets will be closed all week, in Hong Kong will remain closed until Wednesday and in Vietnam until Thursday. In South Korea and Malaysia the markets will be closed Monday and Tuesday, while in Indonesia they will be closed today.

The foregoing became evident in the volume of operations in the capital market of Japan: the nikkei 225 showed a volume 15.42 percent lower than the average of the last 100 days.

In Europethe FTSE 100 of London advances 0.35 percent, the ACC 40 of France 0.21 percent and the DAX of Germany 0.13 percent.

In USAthe futures market shows moderate gains for the main indices: the S&P 500 advanced 0.13 percent and the nasdaq 0.22 percent.

Although the capital market of USA records moderate gains, signs of economic slowdown continue, after Spotify announced that it plans to lay off 6 percent of its employees (approximately 600 people).

In previous weeks several companies have announced massive layoffs. Microsoft announced the cut of 18 thousand jobs, Amazon 18 thousand jobs, salesforce 7 thousand 900 jobs, GOAL (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Y Messenger) 10 thousand jobs, Goldman Sachs 3 thousand 200 jobs, BNY Mellon thousand 500 jobs, Alphabet Verily 200 jobs and Alphabet Inc. (Google) 12 thousand jobs.

During the week, the participation of officials from the Federal Reserveso the market will be attentive to the publication of economic indicators in USA.

Regarding the economic growth of USA, Base Financial Group estimates that fourth-quarter growth was between -0.1 percent and 0.1 percent, considering the most recent economic data.

If the drop forecast materializes, it would imply that in 2022 the GDP it grew 1.9 percent compared to 2021, registering quarterly growth only in the third quarter.

In Mexicotomorrow the publication of consumer inflation for the first half of January will be relevant, which Grupo Financiero Base estimates at 7.7 percent per year.

Wednesday will be published Global Indicator of Economic Activity November and Thursday the National Occupation and Employment Survey of November.

Finally, on Friday the Balance of trade December and the Quarterly Indicator of State Economic Activity corresponding to the third quarter of 2022.

Regarding relevant news, over the weekend it circulated in the financial media that Argentina Y Brazil will discuss a plan for a common currencywith the aim of reducing dependence on the US dollar in regional trade.

According to the Minister of Economy of Argentinathey will first study the necessary parameters for the common currency, including fiscal issues, the size of economies and the role of central banks.

It is worth mentioning that trade between the two countries is not very large, since Argentina Y Brazil traded in 2021 a total of 25 thousand 108 million dollars, this represents 4.6 percent of the total trade of Brazil and 17.3 percent of the total trade of Argentina.

During the session, the exchange rate quote between 18.75 and 18.95 pesos per dollar.

In Mexicothe 10-year M bond rate is little changed, standing at 8.62 percent.

To hedge against a depreciation of the peso beyond 19.50 pesos per dollar, a call option, with an exercise date within 1 month, has a premium of 0.93 percent and represents the right, but not the obligation, to buy dollars at the aforementioned level.

On the other hand, the interbank forward for sale is at 18.93 for one month, 19.46 for six months and 20.09 pesos per dollar for one year.

dollar in real time

The euro It is sold at the window at a maximum of 21.09 pesos and is bought at 20.47 pesos. For her part, the pound sterling It is offered at 23.75 pesos and is acquired at 23.28 pesos.

The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) registered in the previous session an exchange rate of 18.92 pesos per dollar.

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