Price of the dollar today, January 30: what is the exchange rate in Mexico

The us dollar price It begins operations in the last week of January 2023, trading on average per national below 19 Mexican pesos and with a depreciation against the Mexican currency. At the beginning of the last week of January, today monday 30 of 2023before you leave home and start your day-to-day activities, we will inform you about the most recent update regarding the economy National and international, in AS Mexico You will know the cost of the green ticket in buying and selling.

How does the Mexican peso move?

At the beginning of the week the day of the Mexican peso starts recording a low trend and a depreciation against the greenback of USAin accordance with BASE Bank the Mexican peso begins a session with slight changes and a depreciation of 0.09 percent; in such a way that the value for one US dollar stands at an average of $18.7872according to the Official Gazette of the Federation (shallow DOF) in its most recent and updated publication on the exchange rate in banking institutions and exchange houses in Mexico for its purchase and sale. It should be noted that the above oscillates between 18.79 as the maximum price and with a minimum of 18.75.

What is the depreciation of a currency?

The depreciation in a currency or currency represents the decrease in its value against another and is related to the exchange rate that generally shows a flexible scenario; Your record centers when you fix the value of a currency relative to its supply and demand, according to Forex (international currency market) The currencies are negotiated in pairs and according to the value of one of the other, the existence of a currency is determined. “depreciation”, In this sense, one currency is the base currency, while the second is the quote currency.

What are the currencies that register appreciation, today, Monday, January 30?

The start of the day American dollar represents various changes in the main international currencieswhere the crosses reveal the appreciation in the following measures:

  • Taiwanese dollar: 0.82%
  • Chinese yuan: 0.50%
  • Euro: 0.34%
  • Danish crown: 0.33%
  • South Korean Won: 0.32%

Depreciated currencies, today Monday January 30

  • Russian ruble: 0.96%
  • Israeli Shekel: 0.91%
  • South African Rand: 0.76%
  • Australian dollar: 0.27%
  • Swedish Krona: 0.21%
  • Chinese Weight: 0.19%

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Relevant news on the national and international economy

  • The Federal Reserve will release its monetary policy report next Wednesday, February 1, 2023; Economists expect the interest rate to rise to 25 basis points.
  • On Thursday, February 2, 2023, the Bank of England expects a rate hike of up to 50 basis points.
  • On Thursday, February 2 of the current year, the European Central Bank could increase its interest rate to 25 basis points.
  • In Mexico, on Tuesday, January 31, 2023, the GDP report for the fourth quarter of 2022; Economists forecast a growth of 2.99% compared to the year 2021.
  • In Mexico, on Thursday, February 1, the remittance report for the month of December 2022 will be released, as well as a survey prepared by the Bank of Mexico.

How does the US dollar move in Mexico?

At the close of the stock market on Friday, January 27, 2023, the price of the dollar in Mexico was quoted at 18.82 Mexican pesos per house greenback, Regarding the cost of Thursday, January 26, when it was at 18.83 pesos; The previous data indicates that during the entire month of January 2023, it has decreased to 1.5%, derived from the fourth consecutive monthly loss and awaiting the new report and decisions to be made by the Federal Reserve (Fed).

Dollar price for sale | Mexico January 20

  • BBVA Bancomer: $19.05
  • citibanamex: $19.30
  • Azteca Bank: $18.89
  • Banorte: $19.05
  • HSBC: $18.94
  • Affirm: $19.20
  • Inbursa: $19.40
  • Scotiabank: $19.11
  • Bancoppel: $19.13
  • CiBank: $19.08

Price of the dollar in purchase | Mexico January 30

  • BBVA Bancomer: $18.15
  • Citibanamex: $18.18
  • Azteca Bank: $17.95
  • Banorte: $17.65
  • HSBC: $18.29
  • Affirm: $17.80
  • Inbursa: $18.40
  • Scotiabank: $18.40
  • BanCoppel: $18.16
  • CiBank: $18.29

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