Price of the dollar today Saturday, this is the exchange rate

Today Saturday January 7, 2023, the dollar trades at 19.1360 pesos per unit, with a downward trend in real time. According to the latest report of the Banxico, The dollar ended yesterday, Friday, trading at 19.15 pesos per unit.

Price of the dollar in banks mexicans:

  • Bank of Mexico: Buy $19.15 – Sell: $19.15
  • HSBC: Buy: $19.01 – Sell: $19.74
  • Banamex: Buy: $19.83 – Sell: $20.73
  • Bancomer: Buy: $19.83 – Sell: $20.73
  • Banorte: Buy: $18.05 – Sell: $19.45
  • Scotiabank: Buy: $18.73 – Sell: $19.48
  • IXE: Buy: $18.05 – Sell: $19.45
  • Bajio Bank: Buy: $19.60 – Sell: $20.70
  • Monex: Buy: $19.81 – Sell: $20.33
  • Azteca Bank: Buy: $20.15 – Sell: $20.89
  • Inbursa: Buy: $18.90 – Sell: $19.90
  • Santander: Buy: $19.53 – Sell: $21.06
  • Exchange: Buy: $19.45 – Sell: $20.46
  • Banregio: Buy: $19.20 – Sell: $20.70

As for the bitcoinat this moment it is at $16,931 with an upward trend in real time.

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Referring to euroit is quoted at $20.37 pesos, for $23.14 pesos of the pound sterling overall average.

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