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How did the exchange rate in Mexico wake up today, Sunday, March 5?

This sunday march 5the US dollar in Mexico is quoted on average at: 18.0771 pesos, according to data from Regarding the average in the purchase, today it is located in 17.6937 pesosand sale to 18.4605 pesos. (Update: 7:00 a.m.).

Next, see the exchange rate of different banking institutions in Mexico:
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Regarding the list. Of the banks mentioned in the list, today’s average is in 17.9291 pesos per dollar. Regarding the purchase, it is located in 17,433 pesos and the sale to 18,425 pesos.

Price of the dollar on credit cards in Mexico:
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The average price of the dollar in the Credit cards is found in 17.9883 pesos. The average purchase is 17,570 pesos and for sale 18,407 pesos.

For, which evaluates 33 sources from both institutions and banks, the average exchange rate from Dollar to Peso is 18.0771 pesos today in Mexico. The average buying exchange rate is 17.6937 pesos and the average selling exchange rate is 17.4605 pesos. (Update: Sunday March 5, 2023 – 7:00 am).

Reviewing the 33 sources, records the following:

  • The highest buying dollar to peso exchange rate is 17.9100 MXN at HSBC.
  • The lowest purchase exchange rate of the dollar to the Mexican peso is 16.2000 MXN at Scotiabank.
  • The highest selling exchange rate of the dollar to the Mexican peso is 20.0528 at Infosel.
  • The lowest selling dollar to Mexican peso exchange rate is 18.1260 MXN at SAT, Servicio de Administración Tributaria.
How far is the euro?

It maintains its value. As for the euro, The average exchange rate in Mexico is 19.0991 pesos. The average buying exchange rate is 18.5485 pesos and the average selling exchange rate is 19.6497 pesos.

How much is Bitcoin?

It maintains its value. Regarding Bitcoin (BTC), this Sunday at the beginning of the day it is quoted at $22,440 (USD) per BTC, with a small difference compared to yesterday when he was in $22,358 (USD), as reported by Binance on its website. USD to BTC price is updated in real time. bitcoin is +0.38% in the last 24 hours, -3.47% in the last week and -4.68% in the last month.

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