Prices of school supplies “are through the roof”

Santo Domingo, DR.

As the opening of the new 2022-2023 school year approaches in September, dozens of parents yesterday went to different shopping centers to buy school supplies for their children with a common complaint: “prices are through the roof.”

Some of the tutors specified that uniforms, shoes, notebooks, lunch boxes and backpacks are the most expensive items they have perceived in stores, unlike other years.
During a tour carried out by a team from LISTÍN DIARIO, Zunilda López said that “the time has come to divide the notebooks as it was done long ago.”

“When I studied pets, they were divided into two and now is the real time to do that, because they are expensive,” López said as he dealt with the hubbub of the two children and the hubbub in the store.

He immediately devised and indicated to his companion that he will reuse the notebooks that are in his houses.
“Hey, the pets that are there (in your home) with two or three dirty leaves are going to cut with scissors by the trunk, so that it cannot be seen,” López said with the aim of saving money and being able to buy other things.

He also stressed that in other years he had bought school shoes at approximately 800 and 900 pesos and currently they are “almost double, they cost you up to two thousand pesos.”

“You have to buy them however you want, because if not, what is going to be done?”, he said in the company of his eleven and seven-year-old grandchildren, who chose their favorite pets.

Another mother identified as Natalia Santos, pointed out that in the end they have to buy what the student needs because “there is no other”; however, she stressed that she would only buy the “most urgent and essential”.

“Imagine a low-income family that has three or four children and pets cost 65 pesos where I have found it cheapest. In just two I have already spent about 4 thousand pesos and I still haven’t bought almost anything, “he said, adding that he moved from Los Frailes to the ” Garrido ” store on Duarte Avenue because he is ” looking for the economy “.

He specified that he had bought some materials and two pants and would only buy notebooks this time.

Other parents argued that “they are not cheap.”

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