Prime Video will release the original film The Three Wise Men: The Truth on December 16

The Magi: The Truth is a original comedy shot in mockumentary style directed by Victor Garcia Leon (Vote John) and produced by Onza for Prime Video. Camila viyuela will play the new representative of the Three Wise Men, to whom they will give life Mauro Muniz, Javier carramiñana Y Peter Gutierrez. The Magi: The Truth It will premiere exclusively on Prime Video on December 16.

Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar open the doors of their palace for the first time for the filming of a documentary about their day to day while they prepare the procession of Three Kings. Thus, a crazy adventure begins in which these three mythical characters put themselves in the hands of her new manager, Lola, to modernize her legend with collaborators as diverse as Lawrence Caprile, Almudena Cid, Jordi Hurtado, I am Quesada either Rozalen.

The Magi: The Truth

Starting December 9, Prime Video members will also be able to enjoy the long-awaited family comedy kings vs santastarring Karra elejalde (Eight Basque surnames), David verdaguer (Stories not to sleep), Matthias janick (unfortunate stories) and Andrés Almeida (And Your Mother Too) in which the Three Wise Men, fed up with Santa taking more and more prominence from them, have decided to confront each other without knowing that this war will awaken a much more dangerous common enemy, the Krampuswhich had been inactive for centuries.

The three wise men: La Verdad and Reyes contra Santa will be added to the more than 50 Christmas-themed series and movies that Prime Video will offer its audience this holiday season, including Some of tiffany’s produced by reese witherspoon (Big Little lies) and starring zoey Deutsch (The politician) Y kendrick sampson (insecure), and the heartwarming British comedy your Christmas gold mine? with handle Butterfield (gender Education) and Cora Kirk (Prey for the Devil). Prime Video viewers will also be able to enjoy iconic movies like Sees it currently, the Journal of bridget Jones, The grinch and the Christmas comedy directed by Santiago Segura Father there is only one 3.

The Magi: The Truth

Greetings and be happy.

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