Prince Andrew has renounced royal and military titles

AGI – Prince Andrew, who faces a trial for sexual harassment in the United States, has renounced his military and royal titles: Buckingham Palace has announced it. “With the Queen’s agreement and approval, the military and royal titles have been returned to the Queen,” a statement read.

The Queen also revoked the use of the title ‘Her Royal Highness’ from Prince Andrew. “The Duke of York will continue not to carry out any public office and to defend himself in this case as a private citizen,” Buckingham Palace stressed.

Andrea was a colonel in the Grenadier Guards regiment, one of the most illustrious of the British armed forces, and seven other units. He also served in the Royal Navy as a helicopter pilot and instructor pilot, as well as the commander of a minesweeper. The titles had already been suspended in 2019 after he resigned from public functions.

The decision to formally revoke them was taken a few hours after the open letter from over 150 veterans to the queen, in which they expressed “upset and anger”: “If he were another senior military officer, it would be inconceivable that he was still in office”, they wrote. in the aftermath of an American judge’s decision not to dismiss the case against the Duke of York, paving the way for a civil trial in the US.

Accusing him is Virginia Roberts Giuffre, now 38, according to whom the queen’s son abused her when she was 17; it would have been “loaned” to him by the financier Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in prison, and by his partner Ghislaine Maxwell, currently detained in the USA.

The prince has always denied the accusations and said he did not know Giuffre, although the media have repeatedly released an old photograph in which he appears holding her for life with Maxwell in the background, while everyone looks at the camera.

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