Prince Harry believes that the press encouraged the rivalry between Meghan and Kate

the book of prince harry it finally went on sale and, as expected, it was a bestseller. As he promised, the Duke of Sussex revealed several things about his life, including the moment when the relationship between his wife and his sister-in-law broke down.

According to what the son of the late Lady Di shared, both Prince William and Kate Middleton were fans of the series “Suits”, where his wife acted, so he hoped they would get along.

But then, the situation changed when he announced that he would marry her. For Prince Harry, both his brother and his sister-in-law despised Meghan Markle for being a Hollywood actress, believing that she would be someone unpredictable who could cause a lot of trouble for the family.

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For Prince Harry, the press created and fostered the rivalry between Meghan and Kate

Prince Harry wrote in his book that the first problem that arose between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton was when they were planning their wedding in 2018, while they were deciding on the dresses of the little ladies.

Apparently, the daughter of Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte, did not fit the dress well and required adjustments. This generated a discussion between the two women, because Meghan Markle felt extremely stressed by the whole problem with her father, and she did not know how to deal well with the situation.

In the end, the Duchess of Sussex ended up crying on the floor due to the pressure, and Kate Middleton, upon learning of this, sent her a bouquet of flowers to apologize. However, this inconvenience was leaked in the press and made the problem much worse.

But the true moment that completely defined the relationship between the sisters-in-law was the choice of the color of a dress when the “Me Too” movement was in full swing.

At a public event, Meghan Markle wore a black dress, while the current Princess of Wales wore a wine-colored dress. The press thought that Prince Harry’s wife did it to show her support for the feminist movement while Kate Middleton had decided to ignore it completely.

After that, Kate Middleton apparently understood that from that moment on, everything she would do would be compared to her new sister-in-law.

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