Prince Harry provokes the biggest crisis in three decades of British royalty

Enrique quotes in his explosive autobiography the phrase of the writer William Faulkner in which he affirms that “the past never dies, it is not even the past”. In the case of the Duke of Sussex, haunted and traumatized by the ghost of his mother and a few others, this certainly seems to be the case. And the damage to the House of Windsor, immeasurable. His greatest crisis in thirty years, or perhaps even since Edward VIII’s abdication over his love for Wallis.

The British royals would have found themselves with a chant in their teeth if it had all ended with the revelation, already very strong, that his brother William, discussing Meghan, grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the ground in a fit of anger, challenging him to fight. It is an image that the heir to the crown will have a hard time getting rid of, and possibly it will mark him forever.

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FILE PHOTO: Britain's William, Prince of Wales and Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex attend the state funeral and burial of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, in London, Britain, September 19, 2022. REUTERS/Tom Nicholson/File Photo

But things have not stopped there, far from it. The British newspapers were missing pages yesterday to explain all the dirty laundry that “the exile from Montecito” (the Californian town where he has established his residence) brings out, a story of sex, drugs and rock and roll, but without the Rock And Roll. That if he smoked marijuana at school and did cocaine at university, that he ignominiously lost his virginity in a vacant lot behind a pub, with an older woman who treated him “like he was a stud”. What if he killed twenty-five Taliban in Afghanistan. What if Guillermo and Catalina laughed when he appeared at a party dressed as a Nazi. What if he and his brother asked his father not to marry Camilla, and Carlos begged them to please not ruin the last years of his life.


Prince Harry in Afghanistan


It is not clear how long the Palace will be able to remain silent, leaving Enrique the entire narrative.

Of course Enrique is doing his best to poison, blow up and destroy the beginning of his reign. Carlos III would like the news focus to be on the preparations for his coronation at the beginning of May, on the new tone he wants to give to the monarchy, his role as “defender of all religions” and not just Anglican, his interest in environmental causes, and opportunities for the disadvantaged (or however that is interpreted from an elitist perspective). On the other hand, it is in the irreconcilable rupture between two brothers, the chosen one and the one who qualifies himself as the substitute, plan B. “You have already fulfilled -says the book that the current monarch told Diana-, you have given an heir and a replacement.”


The British royal family at the 70th birthday of King Charles


The Royal House is not saying anything for the moment, faithful to its motto of do not complain, do not explain (don’t complain and don’t explain), let’s see if the storm passes. But it is not a simple storm, more like a tsunami, and it is not clear how long the Palace will be able to remain silent, leaving the narrative to be carried out by Enrique, turned into a human grenade.

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The majority of the British press, conservative and royalist, presents the Duke of Sussex as a traitor, someone who has gone off the deep end, a weak and characterless guy who has been sucked in by the post-Marxist thinkers and the gurus of woke , which has been sold for twenty million dollars as Cristiano Ronaldo has been sold to the Saudis. But there are also many people who credit his accusations of mistreatment and racism against the Windsors, especially among young people and minorities. It should not be forgotten that almost one in three people in the United Kingdom is a Republican.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex attending the RobertF.Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Awards Gala on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2022, in New York.

His brother is hurt by Enrique’s revelations, but also Carlos, whom he accuses of not even giving him a hug when he gave him the news that Diana had died in bed. A tragedy that made him suffer panic attacks, go to psychiatrists and even a medium to talk to his mother, and go through the tunnel under the Pont de l’Alma in Paris to reconstruct the fatal accident (of whose official version he affirms that he always has doubted).

The right-wing press paints Enrique as a traitor, but young people and minorities are on his side

Enrique’s memoirs are the story of many losses, that of his mother, that of his virginity, that of his innocence, that of trust in his loved ones, that of his family. He neither forgets nor forgives in his quest to destroy the image of the Windsors. His past has not died, it is not even past.

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