Prince Louis will receive a different education

There is no doubt that after Queen Elizabeth II, the protagonist of the events for the Platinum Jubilee of the monarch of the United Kingdom was Prince Louis, the youngest of the three children that Prince William and Kate Middleton have procreated since they contracted marriage on April 29, 2011.

The four-year-old practically stole the attention of everyone, including the media, conquering with their behavior, spontaneity, expression, curiosity, gestures and tiredness according to their age.

The photos and videos of his grimaces, of sticking out his tongue at his mother, of covering his mouth when he tried to control it, even his complaint during the parade on Sunday to close the festivities, went around the world causing an involuntary role.

Now, just over a week after those events, Prince Louis, currently fifth in line to the throne of the United Kingdom, has been unveiled. He will receive a different education than his siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

According to the information that has been released, the main reason for this decision is not due to his behavior during the events of his great-grandmother’s Jubilee, but to theThe move that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will make during the summer of 2022 from Kensington Palace to Windsor Castle.

And it is that, this Tuesday it was confirmed that Prince William and Kate Middleton decided to be closer to Queen Elizabeth II, who a few months ago established her official residence in an apartment in Windsor Castle after spending practically her entire life in the palace of Buckingham.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children will move to Adelaide Cottage, a property located just 10 minutes from the apartments of the monarch of the United Kingdom, so The couple’s three children will have to change schools.

Currently Prince George, 8 years old, and Princess Charlotte, 7, attend Thoma’s Battersea School in London, and although it is not known what their new school will be, what is certain is that Prince Louis will not take classes at said school, rather, it is speculated that he will begin his studies at Independent Preparatory Lambrooknear Ascot.

For now, the youngest of the children of the Dukes of Cambridge, is about to finish his studies at Willcocks Nursey School in Kensington, the same nursery attended by his sister Charlotte.

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