Prince William moved: on an official visit, the duke has tears in his eyes when he talks about Lady Diana

5 years ago, on May 22, 2017, 22 people including 7 children lost their lives in a horrific attack at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester. This Tuesday, May 10, Prince William and his wife Kate went to the scene of the tragedy to discover the monument built in honor of the victims.

It must have been one of the most beautiful moments of their lives, it turned into a nightmare. WhileAriana Grande completed the performance of his Dangerous Woman Tour in Manchester, on May 22, 2017, the tragedy fell on very young fans of the singer who came out of the Arena room where the show was held. Claimed by Daesh, the suicide attack resulted in the death of 22 innocent people, including 7 children, and left many injured. “I am broken, had written the artist on Twitter. From the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry.

Five years later in Manchester the wounds are still open. The city mourns its children and has built a memorial open to the public since January. The Glade of Light, located near Manchester Cathedral is a circular block of white marble which surrounds a small garden. Bereaved families were able to make personalized memory capsulescontaining memories and messages embedded in the work. After accompanying his father Prince Charles in the morning to attend the opening of the parliamentary session and the throne speech, William, this time alongside his wife Kate, traveled to Manchester to discover this new place. of family recollection.

A moving speech by William

And the Duke of Cambridge was also struck by the atmosphere of the place. The couple met with local officials, then gathered in front of the monument. The Duke of Cambridge then delivered a speech, before the mother of George, Charlotte and Louis laid a delicate bouquet of flowers. During his speech, Harry’s brother spoke of his previous visit to Manchester and the “shock and grief” who had followed the terrorist attack. Prince William also urged those attending the memorial to “looking back with love” those “that we lost” as well as “those who looked after the community“.”As someone who lives with their own grief, I also know that what matters most to bereaved people is that those we have lost are not forgotten.” he said later in his speech, bringing tears to his eyes about Diana’s untimely death.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared photos of their visit to the memorial site on Instagram and Twitter captioning: “There is comfort in remembering. Recognizing that, though they died horribly early, they lived. They changed our lives. They were loved, and they are loved. This is why memorials such as the Glade of Light are so important. That is why Katherine and me wanted so much to be here today. ” Words that have touched the subscribers of the members of the royal family, upset by the speech of William.

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