Princess Delphine of Belgium reveals all her torments on TV

It has been two years since the artist Delphine Boël, after seven years of legal battles – and nearly fifteen of private negotiations and rumors – it has become officially the fourth daughter of Albert II. In January 2020, the DNA test confirmed that Delphine was just his daughter. Fruit of a twenty-year clandestine love between him, married since 1958 with Paola Ruffo di Calabria (from the union three children were born, Philippe, Astrid and Laurent), and the Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps, wife of the gentleman Jacques Boël. In October 2020 Delphine, married and mother of two children, had obtained a new victory: the Brussels Court of Appeal had them conferred the title of princess. A nice revenge for a woman who knew she was Albert II’s daughter since she was 17. And several times he had tried to contact his father, but without success.

Delphine’s life, as her lawyers have said, “because of this search for identity has been a long nightmare.” That long nightmare the princess, now fifty-three, has just chosen to tell it on TV. The first of three episodes of a documentary entitled Delphine: mijn verhaal (Delphine: my story). The most anticipated part of the documentary was the one relating to the current relationship between Delphine and her father. The princess said that today with Alberto, and with the rest of the royal family, she has «a relationship cordial and mutual respect“. The first times, however, were very hard. Delphine, telling herself on TV without secrets, has remembered for example the first meeting with the biological father, which took place in the castle of Laeken in October 2020. According to the words of the artist, now destined to inherit an eighth of the estate of the former sovereign, Alberto “mocked” her telling her: “Ah, since he’s not doing well as an artist, you need some attention“. Delphine felt “crushed” and could not hold back “the tears“.


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There princess, competitor of the latest Flemish edition of dancing with the Stars (an initiative on which the royal house declined to comment) also said that he had lived through a difficult adolescence, marked byanorexia. 1.74 meters tall, at the age of 15 she had weighed only 30 kilos: “I was almost dead. The doctors told my mother that my heart wouldn’t make it “. It all started two years earlier, when her “only desire was to disappear”: “I was anorexic because I couldn’t control anything. I could only control what I ate. I hated being so thin, it was all about control. ‘ Delphine says she has defeated anorexia at 17, when her mother finally revealed her father’s identity.

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