Princess Diaries actress worries fans with her tweets

Actress Heather Matarazzo, known for her role in The Diary of a Princess, He worried fans with his recent comments. Through her social networks, the interpreter vented about the state of her career, alerting users.

And it is that in a series of tweets, later deleted, Matarazzo claimed to be “tired” and “frustrated” with the state of her career currently. However, trying to cheer her up, her followers started showing her your online support.

What happened to Heather Matarazzo?

If you are one of the fans of The Diary of a Princess, de sure you remember the actress who played Lilly. Heather Matarazzo played the eccentric best friend of Mia (Anne Hathaway)who begins to be jealous of him when his life changes.

Since then, the actress has had multiple roles in film and televisionwith credits in Exes & Ohs, Grey’s Anatomy, Scream, among others. Yet he now he confessed feeling quite frustrated about her career.

Heather Matarazzo on Twitter
Heather Matarazzo on Twitter

«I reached my limit today with life. I’ve reached my limit with the games the universe is playing. I got tired. I’m tired, “wrote the actress of The Diary of a Princess in a tweet subsequently removed from their networks.

Heather Matarazzo

«I feel lost because it feels like I have worked for a long time without complaining. Accepting disappointments and rejections. I have had faith in the universe. But today, something broke. I feel discarded»Heather Matarazzo continued.

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This quickly worried users, who began to show messages of support for the actress from The Diary of a Princess. “I just need a win. A victory that changes my life The actress finished before the concern of the fans.

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