Priscilla Presley opens her heart at the Venice premiere of ‘Priscilla’: What really happened to Elvis

Famous actress Priscilla Presley left the audience emotional at the Venice Film Festival during the presentation of the film “Priscilla”, based on her life and her iconic relationship with the “King of Rock” Elvis Presley. In an emotional speech, Priscilla revealed that despite the divorce, they never gave up on each other, saying that Elvis was the love of her life.

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The film directed by Sofia Coppola, which is competing for the Golden Lion this year, is based on Priscilla’s best-seller “Elvis and Me” (1986) and explores the origins of the relationship that captivated audiences in the 1960s. Was mesmerized. This story culminated in a high-profile marriage in 1967 and a controversial divorce six years later, as well as the tragic death of their daughter Lisa Marie Presley in January this year.

Priscilla expressed her excitement to see her life on the big screen and praised Sofia Coppola’s work in the film. The film depicts both the exciting beginning of their relationship, when Priscilla was only 14, and the decline of love fueled by fame and excess.

The actress shared intimate details about her relationship with Elvis, explaining that he was always kind, polite and loving, and that he was respectful of her age when they started dating. Priscilla emphasized that their relationship goes beyond the public perception that it is just a relationship based on sex.

Sofia Coppola from the Venice Film Festival talked about her film “Priscilla” and collaboration with the protagonist. The director expressed his gratitude for being able to work closely with Priscilla Presley to present his story accurately and honestly.

Coppola also addressed the current actors’ strike in Hollywood and showed her support for the actors’ union in their fight for rights and fair compensation. He hopes that this situation will be resolved as soon as possible for the good of the film industry.

The film “Priscilla” takes an intimate look at the life and love of Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley, a story that remains a foundational part of the 20th century’s cultural and musical legacy.

Who is Cailee Spaeny and who is playing Priscilla Presley in Sofia Coppola’s next film?

Born in Springfield, Missouri in 1998, Cailee Spaeny has emerged as a young rising star in the entertainment industry.

Despite growing up in a family away from the limelight, Spaeny showed an early interest in theater and joined the Springfield Little Theater acting group. Her passion for the performing arts led her to play the role of Dorothy in the stage version of “The Wizard of Oz” in 2014, where she demonstrated her versatility and talent on stage.

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In 2018, Spenny stepped into the world of cinema with “Pacific Rim: Insurrection”, where he played one of the lead roles. Although she is primarily known as an actress, she also ventured into music with the release of her single “Fallin'” in 2016.

With an agenda full of high-profile projects, the year 2018 was a turning point in his career. In addition to his participation in “Pacific Rim”, he played the lead role in the neo-noir thriller “Bad Times at the El Royale”, sharing the screen with stars such as Chris Hemsworth, Dakota Johnson and Jon Hamm. She also played a younger version of the character Amy Adams in the film “Vice”, directed by Adam McKay, about former Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney. Spaeny had a supporting role in “A Question of Gender”, a biopic focusing on United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

On television, Cailee Spaeny took part in the miniseries “Daves”, where she played a computer engineer searching for answers after her boyfriend disappears. Then, he played the lead role in “Blumhouse”. “Young Men & Witches,” is a reboot of the 1996 cult film “Young Men & Witches.” He also worked on the post-apocalyptic comedy “How It Ends” (2021), directed by Zoe Lister-Jones.

However, her popularity skyrocketed due to her role in the hit HBO Max limited series, “Mayor of Easttown,” where she played Erin McMenamin, a young single mother trapped in an abusive relationship. The series, starring Kate Winslet, Evan Peters and Jean Smart, received sixteen Emmy Award nominations.

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Additionally, Spaeny had a recurring role in the anthology series “The First Lady” alongside notable actresses such as Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Gillian Anderson.

Cailee Spaeny’s career continues to grow, and her latest appearance in “Priscilla” directed by Sofia Coppola has generated a lot of excitement. The film is based on the memoirs of Priscilla Presley, and stars Spaeny as Priscilla Beaulieu in her turbulent love story with Elvis Presley, played by Jacob Elordi.

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The actress, who grew up with her mother’s obsession with Elvis Presley, calls the project an opportunity to give a voice to a woman who had long been in the background. The film attempts to explore the experiences of Priscilla Beaulieu and her relationship with the King of Rock from her unique perspective.

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