Prisoners of the Ghostland opens the twenty-first edition of the TOHorror Fantastic Film Fest


Sion Sono’s film will open the Festival which will take place from 19 to 24 October in Turin

“Strange things” is the theme of the twenty-first edition of the TOHorror Fantastic Film Fest which, with a renewed and doubled desire to show its load of genre films, returns to the cinemas of Cinema Massimo and Cinema Ambrosio in Turin, from 19 to 24 October, in partnership with the National Cinema Museum.

And decidedly strange things will happen in the opening film on October 19 at 9 pm at the Cinema Massimo: in an Italian premiere and in collaboration with Minerva Pictures, the highly anticipated Prisoners of the Ghostland will inaugurate the event in the best possible way.

These are the words of the artistic director of the festival Maximilian Supports:

A film destined for cult status right from the names it involves: Sion I’m directing, Nicolas Cage starring together with a cast of excellent supporting actors from West and East such as Sofia Boutella, Bill Moseley, Tak Sakaguchi, Nick Cassavetes.

After a difficult year, TOHorror is back more determined and independent than ever, with an unexpected vision of fantastic cinema and an uncompromising program. You do not give a step. As our habit.

In Prisoners of the Ghostland Nicolas Cage, “Hero”, is a notorious criminal who is released from prison and hired to find the Governor’s daughter, who has disappeared in the supernatural world of Ghostland. If he fails to do so within the allotted time, the explosive devices grafted onto his body will activate. Hero thus enters a land abandoned to itself, far from the established society, populated by bizarre characters, in search of the girl.

The first trip to the USA of Sion I am it is a post-atomic western with the anarchic taste of the happening, between rowdy group choreographies, scenes always engulfed by figures, systematic and cathartic destruction of the scenography. An unmissable must-see for the opening night.

The five days of the festival will then unfold among 20 feature films divided into 4 sections: Competition, Out of Competition, Freakshow, the section dedicated to the weirdest, bloody and self-ironic films, the American Nightmare focus on contemporary American independent fantastic cinema.

And finally a tribute to Satoshi Kon, with the documentary Satoshi Kon, the Illusionist presented in Cannes this year, and the theatrical screening of Millennium Actress.

The competitions dedicated to the short form are also fed: there will be 20 live-action short films and 19 animated short films. In addition, 4 meetings dedicated to literature, videogames, new technologies, current events, comics – always under the sign of the fantastic, for a marathon to be experienced exclusively in presence.

Full program coming September 28th.


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