PRM will meet this Wednesday to decide on presidencies of the National Congress

The executive leadership of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) will meet this Wednesday to define who will preside over the two legislative chambers that make up the National Congress.

The information was offered by the member of that organization and Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Franklin García Fermín, during the anniversary mass of Listín Diario.

García Fermín did not want to anticipate what will be discussed in the meeting and avoided offering any kind of opinion about the decision they will make within the ruling party.

Hours before the minister’s comment, the former president of the Republic, Hipólito Mejía, considered that the current presidents of both legislative chambers should remain in their positions.

Mejía believed that both Eduardo Estrella, in the Senate, like Alfredo Pacheco, in the Chamber of Deputies, they should be ratified, at least for one more year, in their positions.

“What interests me is that “when you are crossing the river, you do not change horses,” said the former president, specifically referring to the possible changes of president in both legislative chambers.

The meeting of the executive leadership of the ruling party will take place on Wednesday starting at 3:00 in the afternoon at the main premises of the PRM.

Currently, the PRM has a majority of legislators in both legislative chambers, so it has enough votes to place the congressman of its choice.

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