Problems with the battery of your Windows computer: Solutions and tips

  • Problem with the power adapter

Another cause may be that the power adapter is not working properly. The power adapter is not powering the laptop and may be causing problems. Try another one that you have at home, if there is one that is compatible, or look for or buy one that can help you to check if the error is here.

It will seem absurd and obvious, but we can test if the problem is in the plug in which we have the computer connected and that may be failing causing the battery not to charge. Try another plug to see if the computer works fine.

  • The battery is not calibrated

We must recalibrate the computer battery to verify that this is not the problem. The first thing we must do is use a program that gives us more details about it and that allows us to know what is failing.

Check battery quality and life

One of the things we can do if we have problems with the battery is to check its status and useful life, to know if it is correct or to obtain all possible information about it through specialized programs. Programs that allow us to know its maximum capacity or charging time, for example.

Battery Info Viewer

One of the options is Battery Info Viewer that gives us information about all aspects of the laptop’s battery and we can download it for free from its website. Here we will see battery name, manufacturer name, serial number, date of manufacture, current battery capacity, full charge capacity, charge and discharge rate, voltage… Simply we must download the program and run it on the computer without any complexity in its use.

In addition, it also gives us details about how the battery has been working our Windows laptop the last few times we’ve used it. The program is very simple and we can download it to any Windows computer with versions up to Windows 10. From its website we can see all the details or what each of the data that the information window will give us means.


Battery Mon

Another program that works like diagnosis or battery monitor for laptops is Battery Mon that allows us to know all the details of it. We can know the total capacity, the time with the battery, the download or even a comparison of what happens using some applications or others to know which ones consume more battery. We can see a graph where we can see all the details of the laptop’s battery or how it is discharged as time goes by…

It also has a mini window mode that allows us to control in real time and always visible the charge and discharge of the battery, the useful life, the estimated run time and other details that are essential to know if we should change it or why it does not work correctly.


Warning if the battery is charged

Normally there won’t be no problem with the battery of our computer if we have it plugged in charging, it does not pose any risk and most devices are prepared for it without posing a fire hazard. But in any case, we can receive an alert or notice if the battery is already fully charged.

For this, there are applications that they send us an alert that will appear on the screen and it will tell us when the battery is fully charged, if we want to unplug it and stop charging until we need it again.

Notifier for Prevent Overcharging

Notifier for Prevent Overcharging is one of the tools that we can use to receive a warning when the laptop’s battery is fully charged. It is a portable software, so we can use it on any computer without installation and without creating any new entries in the Windows registry.

We only have to download Notifier for Prevent Overcharging, run it with a double click and it will stay running in the system tray while we connect the laptop’s battery. The moment it detects that the charge has reached 100%, it will show us a warning or alert so that we can disconnect it from the current. In case we do not do it, it will continue to show us the notice until we disconnect it.


Other options

Battery Status is another application that is very easy to use and has been developed for show a notification the moment the laptop battery has been fully charged and thus be able to disconnect it from the current so as not to overload it. From the configuration of the tool it is possible both to indicate that it notifies us when the battery has been fully charged and when it falls below a certain level.

battery status

But if we don’t want to have any more applications on the computer, we can also use a script offered by the source of the news and that we can download from this same link. Once downloaded, we can edit it to see exactly what it does and be sure of what we are going to execute. The code is quite short and easy to understand and we can see how by default it is configured to show a window from the moment the percentage of charge of the laptop battery exceeds 95%. Something that we can modify in the script itself if we want. With the script to our liking, we only have to launch it when we put the laptop on charge and it will automatically notify us when the battery is fully charged to avoid overcharging it.

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