Producer and co-creator of Ms. Marvel explains the importance of the fight between Captain Marvel and Thanos for the series

Marvel’s original series on Disney Plus have shown the true versatility of the franchise. In addition to giving a fair space to the public’s favorite characters, they have also served to show the new lineup of heroes that they are forming for Phase 4. Of course, to achieve this complicated task they have resorted to various writers and directors who have proposals and styles. only ones that contribute to this expanding universe. After Moon Knight’s seriousness – 87%, which was also a product free of references to the MCU, fans now expect the arrival of something more friendly with Ms. Marvel. The series will show us this young heroine and will explain her obsession with Captain Marvel, who, according to one of the producers, became a figure to follow for the girl after her fight with Thanos.

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Captain Marvel is a character who has had more trouble establishing herself in the MCU than she ever had in the comics. Brie Larson’s work divided fans a lot, but not because of her talent but because of her public presence, which for some is respectable and for others is a constant threat for speaking about sexism within the industry. When Captain Marvel – 60% was finally released, the reviews were quite good, but the prejudiced public decided to attack it. His arrival in Avengers: Endgame – 95% was also very controversial, despite the fact that it fit perfectly with the proposal and is understood in the context that they present for this sequel.

Be that as it may, Marvel has done everything possible so that the public is fairer with the character and accepts him to continue with his own trilogy. Part of this process is taking some of the pressure off and making her second installment a shared story with Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), who we saw get her powers in WandaVision- 95%; Y Ms Marvelwho will have his own solo series to formally introduce it to the UCM.

Ms. Marvel is the name that young Kamala Khan takes after a mysterious mist activates her inhuman gene and gives her special powers. Something very characteristic of the character is that she is a superhero fanatic who becomes one of her and must learn to deal with expectations and her own beliefs about what that type of work means.

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The Marvel series, starring Iman Vellani, will change many aspects of the character’s origin, but will keep his admiration for superheroes intact, especially Captain Marvel, from whom he takes his name. To follow these steps, a very specific event had to be found within the MCU that could justify his respect for Danvers, who only returned to the planet to fight Thanos. In interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sana Amanatco-creator of the character in the comics and producer of the series, explained how they will handle this important part of Kamala Khan’s personality:

I think it’s very, very similar to the comics. Obviously in the Marvel comics, the story was different. [Carol] was Ms. Marvel and has been around for much longer. But in this case, what’s unique is that Captain Marvel is one of the few truly famous female Avengers, so to speak. She had a pretty significant part in the battle against Thanos, and I think if someone who was young and looked out at the world, and sees this really powerful, badass woman almost take Thanos down, what does that do to them? How do you internalize that?

The producer also recognizes that Kamala’s evolution depends in many ways on overcoming that admiration for not being a copy of Captain Marvel and better to find her own path, one that will lead her to represent the Muslim community:

I think it’s a really important story to tell, not just about who your heroes are, but who your heroes are as a young person of color. What does that do to your perception of yourself?

In the comics, Kamala is constantly intimidated by the other heroes, even resentful of her admiration for them. Of course, the character eventually understands the complexities of leading this double life and respectfully moves away from the burden of carrying the weight of a legacy that does not belong to her to form one of her own, something that we could see in more depth in The Marvel’s.

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