Producer Says He’s Working on New Beyoncé Music: “Nobody Knows What’s Gonna Happen”

As soon as he rests, he gives an intense routine.Renaissance World Tour“, which will be released as a film in December, Beyoncé I might be working on new music. In an interview, the singer, composer and producer James Fauntleroy He revealed that he has worked with the singer on “a few things” for her recently.

Beyoncé during two shows on the “Renaissance World Tour”. (Photo:

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The singer, who is releasing his demo album, said about the partnership Beyoncé, he is wrapped in them “No Angel” and “Blow”Composed of the singer’s album of the same name, released in 2013. Fã announced, he is next to her “Sorry not sorry”do a fax dj khalid com Nas E.J.-Z, who has some vocals from the non-final artist.

He added, “I’ve always wanted to be involved in whatever Beyoncé is doing, but the idea[of putting my words to ‘Sorry Not Sorry’]came to my mind because of what she represents. to continue.”

Soon after, he revealed that he has worked with the singer on more musicals. However, the manufacturer said he does not know the future of these jobs. “Since that Nas music, I’ve worked on some stuff for him, I would say. But no one knows what’s going to happen except him, so I have no idea.,They said.

enquanto Beyoncé They have not announced their next musical steps, with their latest album still years away from being released in theaters in December. Finally, or “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé” It has already been confirmed as a world star.

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