Prof films arrive, plot, actors, cast, final, where it is shot, location


A group of professors is fighting with all the means available to avoid closing the institute where they work.

Rai 3 proposes today the film entitled Prof.. It is a comedy film.

The production is Italian, the year of realization is 2018 and the duration is one hour and 40 minutes.

The prof film actors arrive

Prof films arrive – direction, protagonists, where it is shot

The direction is by Ivan Silvestrini. The main protagonists are Prof. Mario Locuratolo And Antonio Cioncoloni interpreted respectively by Claudio Bisio And Linen Pillow. Also in the cast Giusy Buscemi in the role of Prof.ssa Maria Antonia De Maria.

Filming took place in Italy, in particular a Rome In the Lazio.
The production is of the Aurora Film in collaboration with 11 March Film And Rai Cinema.

The prof films arrive where it is shot

The Profs are coming – plot of the film broadcast on Rai 3

The state scientific high school Alessandro Manzoni is at risk of closure, being the worst school inItaly with only 12% of graduates and graduates. To save the school from closing, the principal Locatello, on the advice of the Superintendent Montini of the ministry of education, decides to make a last attempt to get at least 50% of pupils promoted.

In addition, some students are known at school, including Luca Pagliarulo, intent on enjoying life and having fun, e Camilla Brandolini, serious and diligent girl.


Almost at the end of the second term, after a disastrous exam simulation test (with only 4% of the passed), the principal discovers that he has been cheated and that the professors have been sent by the administrator Montini on purpose to close the Manzoni.

Luca, during the stunt of throwing a chair down the stairs, is chased by the vice principal, Professor Blacksmiths, who wants to report him but, entered the closet to write the report. Blacksmiths he is released from the janitor only after the weekend and after having fed himself with the remains of the pizzas ordered by the profs; at that point he hurries to send a fax to Superintendency to ask for Luca’s expulsion from school, convinced that it was he who locked him up in the club to play a joke on him.

Final spoiler

Meanwhile, the professors are back after the theft of the exams, which turn out to be those of the eighth grade exams. The seven professors then begin to intensively prepare the pupils until they undergo regular exams. During the exam, the supervisor Montini tries in every way to disturb the students and the result is that only 10 out of 21 students are promoted, a percentage lower than the established 50%.

On the same day, however, the Superintendency sends confirmation of the fax sent by the vice principal Blacksmiths to get expelled Luca: the time of the fax confirms that the boy should not have taken the exam e Luca, in agreement with the principal who in the meantime has briefed him on the failed plan of the seven professors, accepts expulsion.

Thanks to the courageous gesture of Luca, the average of the graduates reaches 50% and the school is safe. In a scene after the credits, a group of thieves is seen trying to steal the examination papers from the ministry by threatening the attendant, who is intent on playing cards with the Provider, fallen into disrepair and reduced to a mere employee due to the failure of his plan and the private school he had founded.

The final film profs arrive

Here come the Profs – the full cast

Below is the cast of the film Prof. and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Claudio Bisio: Prof. Mario Locuratolo, mathematics teacher
  • Linen Pillow: Prof. Antonio Cioncoloni, history teacher
  • Maurizio Nichetti: Prof. Gaetano Fanfulla, chemistry teacher
  • Maria Di Biase: Prof. Sandra Melis, English teacher
  • Shalana Santana: Prof. Amina Venturi, Italian teacher
  • Alessio Sakara: Prof. Davide Golia, physical education teacher
  • Pietro Ragusa: Prof. Eliseo Maurizi, philosophy teacher
  • Christian Ginepro: prof. Franco Fabbri
  • Giusy Buscemi: Prof. Maria Antonia De Maria, Latin teacher
  • Carmen Di Marzo: Prof. Rosalba Carli
  • Andrea Pennacchi: Prof. Giovanni Locatello, dean
  • Francesco Procopio: Superintendent Aristide Montini
  • Rocco Hunt: Luca Pagliarulo
  • Irene Vetere: Camilla Brandolini
  • Riccardo Maria Manera: Andrea Grandati
  • Haroun Fall: Simone Raccuglia
  • Veronica Bitto: Claudia Marcini


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