Profession Danger: Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt’s film replaces Deadpool 3 on the calendar

He is a stuntman and, like all members of the stunt community, he is exploited, shot at, crashed into, thrown out of windows, and dropped from heights for our entertainment. Is. And now, fresh from an accident that nearly ended his career, this working-class hero must track down a missing movie star, unravel a conspiracy, and get the love of his life back, all while working his day job. You will have to try to get it. What could be right?

Even after the screenwriters and actors’ strike ended, studio agendas continued to be rearranged. While shooting of many films resumes, the release schedule is starting to become clear. in the matter of occupational hazard ,Fall guy), with mega production Ryan Gosling And emily bluntYou’ve got a new date on the calendar, taking up the empty space you left. deadpool 3,

According to variety, universal It was decided to delay the action comedy from March 1 to May 3, 2024. The space previously occupied by the starring film Ryan Reynolds Which has now been pushed back to July 26, 2024 amid massive changes in the release schedule marvel studios,

First Look at ‘The Fall Guy’ (Universal Pictures/Vanity Fair)

occupational hazard It is based on the series of the same name broadcast by ABC during the 1980s. lee majors in the role of colt sieversA Hollywood stuntman who works as a bounty hunter. baby goose plays the role of sewers Whereas blunt play the role of a film director Jody MorenoHis ex-girlfriend.

The film adaptation not only features two Hollywood A-list celebrities in the cast La la Land And oppenheimer ,baby goose And bluntrespectively), but have also signed talents like winston duke ,black Panther, Aaron Taylor-Johnson ,kick ass) and Emmy winner, Hannah Waddingham ,ted lasso,

also behind the camera David Leachfilmmaker who incidentally directed deadpool 2 In 2018.

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