Program it! IPS offers free hepatitis C testing in Cartagena universal

With the aim of promoting early detection and providing support to those affected, IPS Digest Salud will run a free hepatitis C testing campaign in Cartagena. Read: These can be fatal: These are the harms caused by Hepatitis B and C

The event, which will begin on Monday, December 4 and will continue throughout the month, will take place at the headquarters of the Institute Specialized in Digestive and Liver Health in the Manga neighborhood, Avenida Jiménez, Calle 26, number 17-117. Care will be scheduled by appointment Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.


Free hepatitis C testing will be available to everyone above 50 years of age. Read: Hepatitis E Tricks the Immune System, Do You Know Why?

Similarly, people below 50 years of age in the following cases:

– History of major surgery or blood transfusion before 1994.

– Men who have sex with other men.

– HIV diagnosis.

– Risk of infection through contact with the blood of a person suffering from hepatitis C, after injection of medicine, through tattoos in non-recommended places, etc.

“Hepatitis C is a disease that affects a large number of people in our community, so it is essential to address it effectively,” said Dr. Betty Morales Arrieta, manager of Digest Salud IPS.

People interested in getting more information about the event can contact us on WhatsApp +57 322 303 2767.

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