programs, reality shows, films and TV series 15 to 21 January

Even this cold week of January brings many surprises and many events awaited for the spectators who in the evening at home will want nothing more than to carve out a moment of relaxation in front of the television. It starts immediately strong with the many expected programs like the one with Such and what, the nip version of the best known Such and Which Show; there second episode of You’ve Got Mail Saturday evening on Canale5 and a grand final in sight and scheduled for next Friday of The Voice Senior. Many football appointments during the week with the clashes of the Italian Cup and still a lot of current events to which is added, to the canons, also a special of Tg3 that promises to ferry Italians more and more towards the future and what will happen in Italy in the following era Mattarella. Strong expectations also for the new episodes of Doc – In your hands 2 and for the news of the week, The bride with the beloved Serena Rossi.

What to watch on TV: the first evenings of Rai, Mediaset, La7 and Tv8 day by day

What to watch on TV tonight: the programs aired on January 15th

  • Rai1, at 21.25 – Such and what (variety with Carlo Conti)
  • Rai2, 9.05 pm – FBI (show)
  • Rai3, 9.45 pm – The factory of the world (prose with Marco Paolini)
  • Rete4, at 21.25 – 007 – Tomorrow never dies (spy movie with Pierce Brosnan)
  • Canale5, 9.20 pm – You’ve Got Mail (people show with Maria De Filippi)
  • Italy1, 9.20 pm – Despicable Me (animated film)
  • La7, 9.15 pm – Eden – A planet to save (documents with Licia Colò)
  • Tv8, 9.30 pm – Delivery for Christmas (tv movie – comedy)

All programs, shows and films in prime time on Sunday 16th January

  • Rai1, at 21.25 – The bride (fiction with Serena Rossi)
  • Rai2, 9.05 pm – The Rookie (show)
  • Rai3, 8.00 pm – What’s the weather like (talk show with Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizzetto)
  • Rete4, at 21.25 – Countercurrent – Early evening (current events with Veronica Gentili)
  • Canale5, 9.20 pm – Come on another one! Pure in the evening (Quiz with Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti)
  • Italy1, 9.20 pm – Justice League (fantastic movie)
  • La7, 9.15 pm – Atlantis (documents with Andrea Purgatori)
  • Tv8, 9.30 pm – My fake-wife (comedy film with Jennifer Aniston)

Tonight on TV: reality shows and programs on Monday evening, January 17th

  • Rai1, at 21.25 – Do not leave me (fiction with Vittoria Puccini)
  • Rai2, 9.20 pm – Crimes in paradise (show)
  • Rai3, 9.20 pm – Report (news with Sigfrido Ranucci)
  • Rete4, 9.20 pm – Fourth Republic (current events with Nicola Porro)
  • Canale5, 9.20 pm – Big Brother Vip (reality show with Alfonso Signorini)
  • Italy1, 9.20 pm – Freedom – Beyond the border (documents with Roberto Giacobbo)
  • La7, 9.15 pm – Gandhi (biopic)
  • Tv8, 9.30 pm – Creed II (drama with Michael B. Jordan)

What to watch on TV tonight: the evening of Tuesday 18 January

  • Rai1, at 21.25 – Wonders (documents with Alberto Angela)
  • Rai2, 9.20 pm – I would like you only one hour (comedy show with Enrico Brignano)
  • Rai3, 9.20 pm – #White paper (current events with Bianca Berlinguer)
  • Rete4, 9.20 pm – Out of the core (current events with Mario Giordano)
  • Canale5, 9.00 pm – Juventus – Sampdoria (Italian Cup football)
  • Italy1, 9.20 pm – Back to School (reality show with Nicola Savino)
  • La7, 9.15 pm – On Tuesday (current events with Giovanni Floris)
  • Tv8, 9.30 pm – A Christmas flight (comedy tv movie)

Films, TV series and programs on Wednesday evening 19 January

  • Rai1, at 21.25 – Single but not too much (comedy film with Dakota Johnson)
  • Rai2, 9.20 pm – Kalipè – At a walking pace (documents with Massimiliano Ossini)
  • Rai3, 9.20 pm – Who has seen? (news with Federica Sciarelli)
  • Rete4, 9.20 pm – White Zone (current events with Giuseppe Brindisi)
  • Canale5, 9.00 pm – Inter – Empoli (Italian Cup football)
  • Italia1, 9:25 pm – The hunter and the ice queen (awesome movie starring Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt)
  • La7, 9.15 pm – It is not the Arena (current events with Massimo Giletti)
  • Tv8, 9.30 pm – Bruno Barbieri – 4 Hotels (reality show with Bruno Barbieri)

What do you watch on TV on Thursday evening: the programs aired on January 20

  • Rai1, at 21.25 – Doc – In your hands 2 (fiction with Luca Argentero)
  • Rai2, 9.20 pm – A fairytale wedding (comedy film with Ricky Memphis)
  • Rai3, 9.20 pm – The plot against America (miniseries with Winona Ryder)
  • Rete4, 9.20 pm – Front and back (current events with Paolo Del Debbio)
  • Canale5, 9.00 pm – Rome – Lecce (Italian Cup football)
  • Italy1, 9.20 pm – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (fantastic movie)
  • La7, 9.15 pm – A clean sweep (news with Corrado Formigli)
  • Tv8, 9.30 pm – Sarah. The girl from Avetrana 3rd and 4th episode (papers)

Tonight on TV, Friday 21 January: what to watch in prime time

  • Rai1, at 21.25 – The Voice Senior (final of the talent with Antonella Clerici)
  • Rai2, 9.20 pm – The Good Doctor (show)
  • Rai3, 9.20 pm – Towards the Quirinale (actuality)
  • Rete4, 9.20 pm – Fourth Degree (current events with Gianluigi Nuzzi)
  • Canale5, 9.20 pm – Big Brother Vip (reality show with Alfonso Signorini)
  • Italy1, 9.20 pm – Mechanic: Resurrection (action movie starring Jason Statham)
  • La7, 9.15 pm –Live propaganda (current events with Diego Bianchi)
  • Tv8, 9.30 pm – Alessandro Borghese – 4 Restaurants (reality show with Alessandro Borghese)

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