Project Black Budget, the extra ‘shooter’ from PUBG Studios, is close to you

Black Budget Projectthe new shooter from PUBG Studios extraction, available in the second half of 2024. As Krafton states in his tax report, he talks about this PvPvE (players against players and enemies) of which some details are known.

Project Black Budget for consoles and PC will continue in the second half of 2024

This device is presented to us in another way in accordance with the principles of this and is qualified as a “challenge” to popularize this subgenre thanks to the experience and production of PUBGhe real battle that popularize these games. It now appears on the company’s list of most important projects and, if there are no delays, it will basically be done again. It also seems that this time it will debut on consoles simultaneously with PC.

Other Krafton brand projects

Three other games from the publisher if you mention “next Subnautical“However, in this case it appears for the first half of 2025.and Gold rush projecta next adventure sandbox from Vector North for the most dates.

Krafton is also preparing about first Canadian blockbuster with a studio that wants to reach 150 employees in the next three months. It is led by Patrik Mth, a former Ubisoft director with 20 years of experience. Other names associated with this team are producer Benoit Frappier, director Frdric Duroc and technology director Martin Paradis.

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