Promise of new vaccination card

Currently, there are vaccines against hepatitis B, influenza, hexavalent that covers six diseases, rotavirus, influenza type B, among others.

Carlos Rosales / Diario de Chiapas
The new vaccination model is expected to be highly promising, which will allow the integration of better primers than the previous ones, given that the vaccines have undergone various changes. This was said by Issel Prisciliano Gutiérrez Mandujano, a pediatrician attached to the pediatric service at the ISSSTE of the Chiapas Health Secretariat, in addition to working in the private sector.
The pediatrician said that if the new card provides more number of vaccines, it will always be beneficial. However, reducing the dose may increase the risk of health problems, especially in young children.
“The current national vaccination card includes nine types of vaccines, but even more become available when various health campaigns promoting vaccination are carried out in Chiapas,” he highlighted.
Currently, vaccines are available against hepatitis B, influenza, hexavalent (which covers six diseases), rotavirus, influenza type B, tuberculosis, tetanus, and human papilloma. Therefore, he stressed on promoting vaccination in health centres.
He concluded, “However, we must also have vaccines against dengue, as many people are currently losing their lives to this disease.”

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