Promoter of the Cattleya network charged an undercover agent 11 thousand pesos for one hour with one of the victims

Santo Domingo, DR.

Of the 7 testimonial evidence presented by the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office Against Illicit Smuggling of Migrants and Trafficking in Persons (PETT), in the coercive measure file against those involved in the Cattleya operation, six are from undercover agents who participated in the investigation of this network of trafficking and sexual exploitation of Colombians and Venezuelans.

Although it does not delve into the role played by these agents, one of them used the name “Nayeli”. ANDn several occasions they give indications that they became a direct part of the criminal structure that was dedicated to the materialization of the crime of trafficking in persons under the modality of sexual exploitation, being in charge of recruitment, transportation, transfer, shelter or reception, custody, and the collection of sexual services provided by foreign women, Venezuelan and Colombian nationals.

The document indicates that on one occasion the promoter of the criminal network, Daniel Enrique Inirio, charged an undercover agent 11,000 pesos. for spending an hour with one of the victims. These people charged for sexual service of one hour RD$5,000.00 TO RD$7,000.00 when the National District was used as the place of operation and from US$100,010 to US$150.00 when the activities were carried out in Bavaro, Punta Cana.

“Similarly, the accused Daniel Enrique Inirio Abreu (a) Daniel charged the sum of eleven thousand pesos (RD$11,000.00) to an agent under reservations for contracting an hour with one of the victims that he offers,” the file establishes.

In the same way and to gather evidence to support the accusation, in a report made by one of the undercover agents, it is indicated that after requesting a catalog of women, one met with one of them at the Hotel Oscar Inn.

“Upon meeting the victim with the agent under reservations broke down in tears and told him that she came to the country deceived, that they took away his passport and that he had a debt of one hundred and seventy-five thousand Dominican pesos (RD$165,000.00), of which he has only paid fifty-six thousand Dominican pesos (RD$56,000.); In addition, it was possible to identify that said victim was captured by Nathaly, ”they explain.

The body prosecuting the crime requests that the process followed against the accused be declared complex José Miguel Michel Guridis (Michel), Daniel Enrique Inirio Abreu (Daniel), José Alberto Soriano Rosario (Surgeon), Oscar Wicene and Melvin José Valentín Peguero.

Also, against Cristina Virginia González Hernández, María Paula Murillo Vargas, Louis Marie Nephtalie, Oliver Arnaud Lewinski and/or Timothy William Case Renee, Robert Lee Eleuterio Paniagua Díaz, Angélica Jhoana Quinter Child, Marie Fokina Achille (Fior, Flor o Flores)Alejandro Arturo Batista Bustamante (the Cat), Ramón Altagracia Oviedo Castillo, Carlos Jhonatan Walwyn Campusano Díaz (Carlos) and Braulio Manuel Lugo.

Besides of National Police Sergeant Dionicio Mieses de la Cruz (Dionis).

It also requests the temporary closure of the social reasons Hotel Caribe, Residencial Coco Real and Hotel Oscar Innfor their participation in the criminal types sanctioned in articles 265 and 266 of the Dominican Penal Code, which typify the “Association of Malefactors”, articles 1, 3 and 7, of Law 137-03 on Illicit Trafficking of Migrants and Trafficking in Persons, which typifies “Aggravated Trafficking in Persons, because it is an organized, transnational crime, as well as a plurality of victims”.

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