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The possibility offered by Apple Watch And other smartwatches to constantly and sufficiently precisely monitor their own health data it is undoubtedly very interesting and for many it represents a determining feature in the purchase of devices of this type. It is therefore a question of solutions that are going to reveal themselves useful not only for mere pleasure, but also for matters related to health, on this the experts they all agree, but they also agree that there are downsides.

Apple Watch & company: promoted by health experts, but until proven otherwise

Health experts consulted by CNET have indeed recently discussed the pros and cons smartwatch and smartband and despite common opinion that do more good than harm, they also warn that they can cause confusion and even anxiety and in some cases they can lead people to compulsively take multiple ECG readings per day.

By making consumers more aware of their overall level of health and fitness, such devices encourage people to exercise more and improve their diets. On the other hand, however, there is growing concern for the many clinical data proposed which, precisely due to their being numerous and detailed, create confusion, especially when it comes to information relating to blood pressure And glycemia.

Some doctors point out that a lot of clinical data can seem scarier than it actually is if not read by an expert. In this regard, the doctor Lindsey Rosman, assistant professor of medicine in the division of cardiology of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, who studied the relationship between smartwatch readings and health-related anxiety, said the following.

As a researcher, I think it’s a fantastic tool. Conversely, as a doctor in a cardiology clinic, I think it opens the door to many patient questions and concerns that are not currently being addressed.

Companies like Apple And Fitbit they do their best to educate users about the meaning and limitations of the data, but for experts even more should be done. One solution might be to create a chatbot for use when the smartwatch owner’s doctor is not available.

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