Prosecutor beaten by colleague details attack and fear, and aggressor tries to justify himself; watch

The attorney general who was brutally assaulted by her colleague on Monday (20), in Registro (SP), revealed that she was under tension in the professional environment and that she was afraid of being assaulted. The two worked at the city hall. The aggressor Demétrius Oliveira Macedo, 34, also a prosecutor, was subordinate to the victim, Gabriela Samadello Monteiro de Barros, 39, according to g1.

“I was afraid, yes. I was afraid that this would happen, but I did not imagine it would be physical violence, I thought it would be a ‘argument’, an argument”reported the professional, in an interview with TV Tribuna. “My dignity as a woman was exposed, I was disrespected as a public servant. It was a brutal disregard for my personality as a woman.”, said Gabriela. Watch an excerpt from the testimonial:

“I was leaving the office when he came towards me violently and elbowed me. I was thrown against the wall. And he started hitting me a lot, throwing a lot of blows. Punches and kicks. He kicked my face a lot”detailed the victim. “He had already harassed another employee of ours and we had had a conversation about it. He was super aggressive with me. He kicked me out of his room when I tried to talk”said Gabriela, in an interview with Record.

The situation occurred after Gabriela opened an administrative inquiry against Macedo, for misconduct in the workplace. An Occurrence Bulletin (BO) about the case was registered in the 1st Police District (DP) of the municipality. The perpetrator of the crime was taken to the police station, but was later released.

“He admitted that he assaulted the victim and claimed that he did so because he suffered moral harassment”, said delegate Fernando Carvalho Gregório. He also justified the decision to release Demetrius, saying that there was a “criminal act” and not a “flagrant situation”. “The fact is also analyzed by the Public Ministry (MP) and the Judiciary (PJ). At the end of all the works, we will have a conclusion of the investigations in a case, and an eventual conviction”, continued. Fernando also added that it is not possible to anticipate a result without carrying out the proper investigations.

Prosecutor shows bloodied face after assault. (Photo: personal file)
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the aggressions

Gabriela was working when she was surprised by Demetrius’ attack on Monday (20). As reported in the police report, he elbowed her in the head first and continued punching her in the face. Colleagues of the two recorded the aggressions in a video, which went viral on Tuesday (21).

He even uttered curses like “f*t” and “f*cking slut”. As a result of the beatings, the prosecutor was left with a bloody face. Gabriela informed the police that she tried to defend herself and even received help from an employee, who was pushed against the door and hit her back on the handle. Watch the video below (Warning: strong images):

In a note, the municipality of Registro expressed “the most absolute and profound repudiation of the brutal acts of violence carried out by the municipal prosecutor against the woman municipal servant who performs the function of attorney general of the municipality”. The municipal administration determined the immediate suspension of the aggressor and loss of his salary from June 21.

The Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) of São Paulo, registration subsection, also repudiated the “inadmissible, cowardly and grotesque physical aggression” by the municipal prosecutor in a note. A letter against Demetrius will be filed with the Ethics and Discipline Commission. “The aggression affected the entire legal profession and society in general, causing permanent indignation”highlighted in an excerpt from the statement.

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