Prosecutor will investigate Castillo for alleged plagiarism

EFE / Lima

The Prosecutor’s Office of Peru initiated an ex officio investigation against President Pedro Castillo and his wife, Lilia Paredes, for the journalistic complaint that they committed plagiarism in the preparation of their thesis to apply for a master’s degree.

The Public Ministry reported yesterday on its social networks that the investigation will be carried out for the alleged commission of the crimes of aggravated plagiarism, generic falsehood and improper collection to the detriment of the State, the National Superintendence of Education (Sunedu) and other organizations.

The master’s thesis of Castillo and Paredes, teachers by profession, was based on a study on learning in a school in their native region and is entitled “Gender equity and significant learning in the area of ​​social personnel in students of the IV cycle of the educational institution No. 10465 Puña-Tacabamba-Chota”.

However, the television program Panorama denounced last Sunday having found a 54% coincidence with other authors, who have not been mentioned in the bibliography, among other irregularities in the academic work.

The head of state denied on Wednesday, in a statement, “any irregular act” in his thesis and assured that the copy presented in Panorama “lacks legitimacy” because it did not have any stamp that confirms that it is the original.

“I have not copied or attributed authorship to third parties, just as they irresponsibly try to make the population believe,” he remarked before assuring that the complaint has “political overtones and is part of a destabilizing plan,” in addition to deploring “the collusion of certain power groups and coup sectors.”

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