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On the morning of this Friday, the Attorney General’s Office announced that the US citizen Patrick Dale Liljebeck He was captured in the city of Barranquilla for extradition purposes.

The reason is that this person has an outstanding debt with the justice of the North American country, where he was convicted on charges related to the drug traffic.

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According to the information in their possession by the Colombian authorities, Dale Liljebeck was sentenced by an Arkansas judgeUnited States, and although at the time he was granted the benefit of probation, days after leaving the jail where he was he flew out of the country with false documents.

This lasted for a few months, until in 2018, agents located this foreigner in Colombia, when they discovered that he was traveling with a citizenship card that belonged to another person. That time, the authorities they sent it to Spainto comply with another judicial process that was pending.

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Two years later, from that European country, Dale Liljebeck was deported, and came to live on the Caribbean coast again, until recently when investigators from the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) of the Prosecutor’s Office, accompanied by the National Police, surprised him. for the second time with false papers.

For this reason, Patrick Dale Liljebeck was made available to Colombia Migration to organize the removal proceedings requiredand thus answer before the US justice system for the crime of probation violation.

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The other extraditable detainee

In another of the operations led by the Prosecutor’s Office, Guillermo Alejandro Castillo Aguilar was captured in a residential area of ​​Bogotá after it became known that there is a judicial process against him in the United States.

Guillermo Alejandro Castillo, captured in Bogota.

Specifically, this Colombian citizen is required by a court in Harris County, in Texaswhich has him on trial for the crime of homicide.

Apparently, in 1998, while he was serving in the military in the United States, Castillo Aguilar was at a social gathering at a colleague’s house, in which a fight broke out in which the defendant he would have hit a young man several times American, to the point of killing him.

On that occasion, the Colombian was captured and posted $20,000 bailHowever, he later fled the country and ignored the appeals of the Harris court.

Before his capture in Bogotá, the Office of International Affairs of the Prosecutor’s Office, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will notify the result of the operation to the Embassy of the United States in Colombiaso that in this way the necessary procedures are carried out that allow progress in the extradition process.

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