Proud Dad! Eugenio Derbez shows off one of his children with Bruce Willis and John Malkovich-Film News

Eugenio Derbez used his Instagram account to boast that one of his children will star in a thriller alongside Bruce Willis and John Malkovich.

Eugenio Derbez is in one of the best moments of his career when he forms part of CODA: Heart signalsone of the most awarded films of the year. On the other hand, he launched his new comedy on Star Plus: the valet.

Now on personal issues, he showed his pride as a father by sharing a message through Instagram in which he mentions that Vadhir Derbez is part of the main cast of white-elephanta film that managed to bring together Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Michael Rooker Y Olga Kurylenko.

Very proud! My son Vadhir Derbez stars alongside Bruce Willis and John Malkovich White Elephant

Although the first trailer for the film had already been revealed, Eugenio Derbez did not hesitate for a moment to share this message as a proud father.

What is it about white-elephant? When two police officers witness an assassination attempt, Gabriel Tancredi (Rooker), An ex-marine turned mob enforcer is ordered by his ruthless capo (Willis) to eliminate any and all threats.

With a subordinate eager to prove his worth, rival gangs making moves and a growing death toll, every step Tancredi takes threatens lives…including his own..

It is expected that white-elephant hit theaters this year from the hand of Jesse V. Johnson.

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