Proudly from La Primitiva results today | El Gordo de la Primitiva is spreading the good fortune in San Juan with over 35 prizes throughout Spain this Sunday.

Sunday, June 23, 2024, 10:31 p.m.

They say that the night of San Juan is the most magical of the year and usually brings good luck. And the results of El Gordo de La Primitiva today, Sunday, undoubtedly brought good luck to the entire Spanish territory. The reality is that state lottery and betting draws provide opportunities every day to win prizes that will change your life or at least give you extra income in the bank.

This Sunday, the night of San Juan, el Gordo de la Primitiva gave away no less than 35 prizes to the lucky winners who guessed correctly in the third category (4 + 1) and who will each take home 5,286.14 euros thanks to a small bet on to buy a ticket.

In the first category (5+1) there are no winning tickets, so the generated JACKPOT, which will be used in the El Gordo de la Primitiva drawing next Sunday, a single winner can win 16,900,000.00 euros.

Do you want to play and don’t know how? The game consists of choosing six numbers from 1 to 49, plus an additional number and money back. Prizes are divided into several categories, from Full to 6 (matching the six main numbers) to Refund.

Here are the winning drawing numbers:

19 48 06 30 14

Key number: 3

This is how the lives of the winners changed

The Valencian from Bonrepos who won 80 million and joined the Ferrari club.

Javier Espinosa had been betting on the same numbers at Primitiva almost his entire life (a tradition started by his parents), until luck knocked on his door in 2019 and he took €80 million from Primitiva. The winning combination consisted of the numbers 7, 13, 23, 40, 41 and 49, the additional number – 16 and the key number (return) – 3. These 8 numbers changed the story of the resident of Bonrepos who sealed your ticket to Tarvern Blanques, near Valencia.

Javier had a family business selling plumbing supplies with a history of more than 25 years, which had already experienced a serious crisis for many years. When Javier called his girlfriend to tell her the news, she, incredulous, told him before hanging up to go to the Oscars for his good performance.

Javier ordered a Ferrari, his childhood dream, and soon after built a house in Bonrepos. His neighbors say he already owns half a dozen cars and has entered the select Ferrari Club on his own thanks to money from Primitiva.

They always played the same numbers and lost the only day they didn’t bet.

The story of Rachel Kennedy and Liam McCrohan is a story of bad luck. A couple from England came very close to winning €182 million. Young students always participated in the EuroMillions drawing and, in addition, always bet on the same numbers. They didn’t let us down a single day, and what’s more, they had a platform that they could use to automatically buy tickets every week.

However, one Friday they did not do so because their bank account ran out of funds. “We didn’t think they were going to come clean,” they told British media outlet The Sun.

They were wrong. When they checked the app, they received a notification with the numbers they had always played with that were set. And they saw that they were the ones who took the biggest prize. Thus, they lost the opportunity to win 182 million euros, which was the exact amount of the jackpot.

He wins over 5 million euros and finds out about it in a bar

Rufino became the most famous resident of Valuengo, a small town in Jerez, after his victory in the Gordo de la Primitiva. 5 million four hundred thousand euros were spent on this. The most curious thing is how he found out that he became a millionaire: in a bar and by accident. Rufino was drinking coffee in a regular bar. There was talk among customers that someone from the city had won the Primitiva jackpot. A local waiter suggested checking Rufino’s ticket: “It’s you from Gordo.” And hence the general mistrust. No one in the bar believed it, not even the winner himself. At the company where he worked, Rufino had an accident that cost him three fingers on one hand and disability.

The winner wants to sue the lottery for ruining her life

Jane Park won the EuroMillions when she was 17 years old. Now, four years later, he has admitted that what he thought would improve his life had done the exact opposite. In fact, he wants to sue the lottery for “ruining” his life.

The young woman was lucky because she won a prize with the first ticket she purchased. The figure with which it was obtained was exactly 1,175,000 euros. According to him in an interview with the Mirror newspaper, the award deprived him of his sanity, and he squandered the money on designer clothes, cars and cosmetic surgeries.

He now admits he would prefer not to win the EuroMillions because his life would be “easier”. According to him, despite the fact that he has a lot of money, his life is “empty”, and it is very difficult for him to find a partner who is not only interested in his money.

Bonoloto combination, practically repeated after 48 hours.

Bonoloto combination, practically repeated after 48 hours.

They prevent the couple from winning the €400,000 ONCE prize.

Daniela went from heaven to hell in a matter of seconds. She says that, like every year, her mother gave her and her siblings an ONCE ticket for the Jan. 1 drawing. He bought it on Avenida del Oeste, the closest stall to the Central Market. Family tradition. They never lost hope that one day they would get lucky. And finally the winning ticket with number 8290 was in his hands. The woman received 400 thousand euros. But soon what had been the luck of his life turned into a real nightmare.

“I asked my husband to contact the ONCE Territorial Delegation to find out how he could pick it up, because I couldn’t be absent from work. They did not explain the process to him well and gave him three pages, one on top of the other, and he did not realize that he was signing that the ticket was his,” says Daniela Tucelli through tears.

A few months ago, her husband registered with the General Registry of Prohibitions on Access to Gambling (RIAJ). This means that you cannot access online games and reserved games (lotteries) that are played in person. Therefore, you will also not be able to receive the winning coupon. “My husband is not a player. He signed up there after our conversation because he always watches football and sometimes bets. Small thing. About 20 euros. But I told her to sign up because I was tired and wanted my house to have something else to watch on TV,” says the heartbroken woman. She is afraid of the consequences her husband might have on a personal level for doing something “stupid.” “Result of the battle.”

But now, because of this hasty decision, he cannot receive the corresponding 400,000 euros.

Ruth, the millionaire who never stops working

Ruth Breen, 39, won the EuroMillions prize while going through tough financial times. A British woman, a midwife by profession and the mother of a young daughter, saw how lucky she was when she won the lottery.

However, she made it clear that she did not want to change the course of her life. She continued to work and used the money to send her daughter to a good school, help her brother buy a house and pay her parents for insurance.

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