Province transfers funds for the Buenos Aires Games: how much will the municipalities receive

The Government of the province of Buenos Aires formalized the granting of non-refundable contributions to 48 municipalities in order to meet the investment made in the final stage of the Buenos Aires Games 2022. In this sense, he will disburse more than 531 million pesos.

Through Decree No. 2102, published in the Official Gazette on January 5, a total of $531,096,205.00 was established “in order to cover the cost of Economic Support for the Provincial Final Stage of the Games Buenos Aires 2022 “.

Likewise, it authorized “the Ministry of Community Development, through its corresponding areas, to execute the expenses that demand the payment of the non-refundable contributions granted by the preceding article and to make the corresponding transfers in favor of the municipalities.”

The funds transferred are to “cover the transportation, lodging and food expenses of the finalist delegations.”

Among the municipalities that received the most funds are: The slaughter (FdT) $30,539,500; the silver (Together) $26,938,295; White Bay (Together) $24,057,100; Dark (FdT) $18,387,525; Parchment (Together) $18,119,100; General Villegas (Together) $17,816,400; merlo (FdT) $15,684,425 and olavarria (Together) $14,606,800.

Buenos Aires Games 2022: the complete list of the 48 municipalities that will receive funds

The opposition’s claims for the funds

The 2022 Buenos Aires Games culminated in the first days of October with the completion of the finals in Mar del Plata. The opposition had demanded that the Government speed up the disbursement of the funds to cover the expenses of the activity and also that a greater amount be assigned to them.

The head of the Juntos bench, Maximiliano Abad, had submitted a request for a report and had warned that “funds are scarce, late and in the midst of an inflationary process.”

The white beret legislator asked the management of Axel Kicillof to reinforce the items destined for the delegations of each district, “due to this deep economic gap that they cause to the municipalities.”

Province transfers funds for the Buenos Aires Games: how much will the municipalities receive

The medal table of the Buenos Aires Games 2022

The Buenos Aires Games, in its 31st edition, came to an end with a more than encouraging balance in terms of the participation of athletes: more than 30,000 from different sports and cultural disciplines.

The final competitions, which took place in Mar del Plata, left Lomas de Zamora in front of the medal table (41 gold, 17 silver and 8 bronze), followed by the hosts (38 gold, 12 silver and 16 bronze) and La Matanza, in third place, with 32 gold, 37 silver and 23 bronze medals.

Behind them are La Plata (29-17-15); Florencio Varela (24-21-10); Moreno (12-24-15); Quilmes (23-16-14); Admiral Brown (23-7-9); Parchment (10-21-12) and Avellaneda (7-17-2).

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