PROXIMA, the film with Eva Green and Matt Dillon available on demand


A mix of adrenaline and intimacy that explores the life and state of mind of a French astronaut

Koch Media Italia announces that PROXIMA, directed by Alice Winocour (Augustine, Disorder – The bodyguard) and presented at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival, and from now available on demand on Sky, Infinity, Tim Vision, Rakuten TV, Kilos, Itunes, Google Play And YouTube.

PROXIMA counts an exceptional cast composed of Eva Green, Matt Dillon, Zélie Boulant-Lemesle, Lars Eidinger, Sandra Hüller and Aleksey Fateev.

PROXIMA is a perfect mix of adrenaline and intimacy and explores the life and state of mind of a French astronaut, Sarah, played by a masterful Eva Green. Director Alice Winocour, who in her work has often focused on people in need – as in the case of hysteria in her first feature film Augustine (2012) and for the bodyguard suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder in Disorder (2015) – in this film he tells the mental workload of Sarah, a woman who has to deal with a rigorous and exhausting job training and with the idea of ​​being away for 12 months from her 8-year-old daughter.

“Since I was a child I have been fascinated by space. I have read a lot on the subject and have been drawn to this environment. I started meeting coaches who train astronauts, visited training facilities and realized how much work and how many years it takes to learn to separate from Earth. All of this is rarely shown in the cinema. ” – said the director Alice Winocour. “As with all my films, I am drawn to a particular universe and during the journey I realize that what drives me is a very private feeling. To bring out the personal side, I need to reach far away worlds. The private aspect here is the mother-daughter relationship, as I have an 8-year-old daughter myself. I wanted to explore the process of separating a mother and daughter, which resonated with the astronaut’s separation from Earth. “


Regarding his long preparation for the role of astronaut Sarah Loreau, Eva Green commented “As far as I know, no other film shows astronauts’ pre-launch preparation with such realism. Like many actors, I feel compelled to immerse myself in my character’s world before arriving on set. Especially, in this case, since his world is so foreign to me. Alice guided me very closely during the preparation, giving me books to read and introducing me to female astronauts, such as Samantha Cristoforetti and Claudie Haigneré. “- he then continued – “I have had the privilege of visiting the European Space Agency in Cologne and Star City in Russia several times, which is an extraordinary structure, a life-sized city dedicated exclusively to space exploration. I understood that it is a job that requires passion, willpower, mental faculties and physical aptitudes far beyond the norm. Astronauts are exceptional people, superheroes. ‘If you don’t suffer, you don’t grow !!’. I found their self-denial – their relentless pushing away from their limits – absolutely fascinating. “


Sarah is a French astronaut trained at the European Space Agency in Cologne. The only woman in the program, she lives alone with her daughter Stella, a nine-year-old girl, and experiences a deep sense of guilt for not being able to spend much time with her. When she is then selected to be part of the crew of a year-long space mission, the relationship between mother and daughter will be thrown into chaos. Eva Green in an amazing performance that shows the female side of space training.


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