PS VR2: Digital Foundry criticizes Sony, which seems to have abandoned its headphones

digital foundry posted a video harshly criticizing sony because of how it is being handled PSVR2his new virtual reality headset, which seems to have been abandoned by the Japanese multinational.

While the criticisms are personal, some of the points made in the video are interesting. For example, we talked about really good PS VR2 games still coming out, but without marketing. The reason is that since the VR market is small, it can’t count on big names, even with a few exceptions like Half-Life: Alyx and Horizon Call of the Mountain.

However, there are some very good games that come out without resonance, like the recent Synapse. Unfortunately, they run the risk of going completely undetected.

Does Sony believe in its headphones?

Synapse is a great game that nobody talks about
Synapse is a great game that nobody talks about

Most development teams dealing with VR games are too small to handle the marketingso one would like the hardware manufacturer to help them with that.

For example, the recent Synapse is defined as a great game and is described in detail during the film, with some gameplay sequences, as well as other games that have gone completely under the radar and certainly deserve it.

Too bad, because the soft library of PS VR2 seems to prove, beyond all the prejudices about virtual reality, that this technology is already mature and capable of offering really interesting gaming experiences. Whoever produces the viewers should believe in it more.

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