PS5 and PS4 may soon say yes to full backward compatibility

According to various rather reliable rumors, Sony would be preparing a subscription service who can inherit the attentions of PlayStation Plus, in turn merged with PlayStation Now.

In fact, DualSense owners are thrilled to discover the news of the coming weeks, for what could be a year to remember for PlayStation.

Now, following the news that the PS Now cards have been withdrawn from the UK (something that could suggest a merger with PS Plus) now comes another very interesting one.

Street ResetEra, a new patent filed by Mark Cerny suggests PlayStation may finally be able to bring full backward compatibility to PS5 and PS4.

With the mention of a “Spoof Clock” and “Fine Grain Frequency Control”, but above all that of Claim 11, the patent notes that Sony would be aiming to solve some software-side issues, thus allowing games to be run PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP on the last two home consoles.

Published by journalist and editor Shaun McIlroy, the patent appears to be official, although at the moment there is still no confirmation on the full backward compatibility of PS4 and PS5 with past generations (nor how the issue will be addressed).

It goes without saying that the idea is that Spartacus gives (also) the possibility of finally dust off the great classics of the PlayStation world.

For years now, there has been talk of a sort of unique package that can somehow put Sony’s online gaming and on-demand / streaming gaming proposals under one roof.

Speaking of the competition, have you read that Microsoft has discontinued the production of the Xbox One to focus only on the Xbox Series X | S?

Finally, to have a laugh, have you seen the beautiful digital watches dedicated to PlayStation and PSOne, but only available in Japan?

You will need a PlayStation Plus membership for your multiplayer games on PS4 and PS5: you can top up your subscription conveniently on Amazon.

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