PS5: robbed touts trying to sell 4 consoles

The long series of absurd situations that involved the touts only increases in this period. The reason is very simple and always the same: the shortage of PS5 stocks which, for more than a year now, has been causing the prices at which the console is resold by a number of users on the web to rise frighteningly. The recent case, however, has an extra “twist”, given that the two touts were robbed by those who should have bought the resold consoles.

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As reported recently by the editors of Global News, on Thursday, January 6, two people in Pickering, Ontario, were attempting to resell four PlayStation 5 consoles to someone they had contacted via an app. At 7.45pm, the buyer showed up in a gray Nissan Altima driven by someone else. The buyer has therefore threatened PS5 dealers with a gun, robbing them and then fleeing with all four consoles in tow.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in these circumstances, but as Gamerant’s editors suggest, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. There have been numerous incidents in the past in which people have been injured when they attempted to resell or buy consoles from strangers they met online. These cases have only increased, above all in a period in which the PS5 are in great demand and in the shops there is not even a shadow of it.

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To date we do not know for sure when the stock situation will return, but PS5 is not the only new generation console not to be easily found around. Xbox Series X is also having the same problems as many of the new generation PC video cards. In short, in this period we have to be patient, and avoid buying consoles from complete strangers known on the net.

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