PSG: Leandro Paredes recounts Lionel Messi’s about-face when he left Barça

Nine months ago almost to the day, the unimaginable happened. Lionel Messi signed his contract with Paris Saint-Germain and at the same time left his favorite club and his lifelong club, FC Barcelona. This episode, no one saw it coming. Not even the main interested party, convinced until the end that he could extend his contract with the Catalan club.

“When he said he would sign in Paris, we did not believe him”

Moreover, Lionel Messi had refused the calls of the feet of his compatriots and Neymar, his former teammate, inviting him to join them in the French capital a little earlier during the summer. And finally, the Argentinian international backtracked. An incredible about-face told by Leandro Paredes during an interview with the Argentinian media Tyc Sports this weekend.

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“We had seen him in Ibiza the day before, and he was leaving the next day to sign with his club (Barça), that was all. We still told him: ‘come with us’ but he said to us: ‘ I’ve already arranged everything, tomorrow I’m traveling to sign.’ Then I don’t know what happened on that trip to Barcelona, ​​because the very night he was going to sign the contract, he told us that he was coming here”explained Leandro Paredes.

Paredes laments the whistles towards Messi

“At first we obviously didn’t believe him. When he told me he had already arranged everything and was going to Paris to sign the contract, I said to him: ‘until that you sign and I see you with the Paris Saint-Germain jersey, I will not believe you’“, added the middle of Paris Saint-Germain who was finally able to evolve with his compatriot in club throughout the season.

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Leandro Paredes admitted he didn’t understand the whistles of the Parc des Princes against Lionel Messi: “When they whistled it, I couldn’t believe it, these are things we can’t manage but it was really crazy, regrets the latter. You suffer because knowing what Leo is, what he generates and what he gives you, what he tries to do for the club and the way the truth is presented is boring.”

Although no one believed it originally, Lionel Messi did indeed become a PSG player. Nevertheless, the Argentinian didn’t enjoy the expected success in the French capital. His statistics are not there and the champion of France was eliminated in the knockout stages of the Champions League by Real Madrid. Messi’s year one in Paris was disappointing, now heading to year two.

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