PSG on a trip to Clermont, a jewel of Messi

Despite their good will, the Clermontois did not make the weight against Neymar Jr, Lionel Messi and company on Saturday (0-5), at Gabriel-Montpied.

Worry-free Paris. Led by a fiery Neymar / Messi tandem, Christophe Galtier’s players placed Clermontois limited to the Gabriel-Monpied stadium (0-5) this Saturday, to begin the defense of their title. Neymar, Achraf Hakimi and Marquinhos had already found the fault before the break. Messi increased the bill twice afterwards, and above all scored an exceptional goal in order to complete the Parisian demonstration, to the applause of the opponents. Three assists from the “Ney”, one for the “Pulga” and Leo Paredes.

Voluntary and ambitious Clermontois in the game, Parisians not worried although a little nervous, but above all ruthless. This is generally what should be remembered at the end of a first period well started by CF63 (2nd, 4th), but during which PSG took the lead from the 9th (0-1), Neymar hitting the mark on his second clear chance (6th). Perfect sequence from the Brazilian on a center set back from Sarabia, barely deflected by Messi. Paris now mastered the debates, but Clermont grew bolder over the minutes, until this off-target shot signed Gonalons, at the entrance to the surface (21st). That of Hakimi cleaned the cobweb of the skylight of Diaw, a former Parisian titi (0-2, 22nd). Powerful strike from the Moroccan after a counter-flash orchestrated by the Neymar / Messi tandem. From then on, Clermont was really suffering… Diaw (29th, 36th) saved the house, a few offsides allowed the locals to breathe too. Alas, the defense left Marquinhos alone on a free kick from “Ney” (0-3, 38th). Messi still had a cartridge just before the break (45 + 1), but we left it there (0-3 MT).

Messi touches the sublime

In his hand, the PSG was hardly worried about the recovery. Montpied, however, roared on this pivot shot from Andric, who did not pass near the skylight (52nd), and that of Saracevic, much less (65th). Montpied who was going to ignite for… a Parisian. If they gave a little the impression of purring, the Red and Blue were certainly not enough killers. They nevertheless remained in the intensity and carried out here and there some sequences of game of beautiful invoice. Clermont took the hits. Diaw parries them, as on this point-blank header from Mendes (77th), after seeing a recovery from Messi fly into the sky (69th). However, the former resident of the Paris training center could do nothing against the recital of the Neymar / Messi tandem, the second named at the conclusion after a 100% ex-Barcelonian action (0-4, 80th) and not being far from then increase the score (85th). This was before he was possessed by the Genie, tricking Diaw out of a bicycle. Crazy gesture, a gesture that will no doubt go around the football planet and which earned the applause from Montpied to its author (0-5, 86th). Again, Lionel Messi was not far from the hat-trick at the end (0-5 final score).

After the 4-0 victory over Nantes last Sunday, during the Champions Trophy, it’s a new ride for the Parisians, no further pushed into their entrenchment this Saturday, during the first day of Ligue 1 cuvée 2022-23, that in Tel Aviv. Next week, they will find their lair in the Parc des Princes. They will be opposed to it in Montpellier, Saturday (9 p.m.), on behalf of the second round. Pascal Gastien’s men will travel to Reims on Sunday (3 p.m.), an opponent more to their measure.

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