PSG reacts with Neymar and gives him a new status concern with neymar. The French daily L’quipe reports that the psg not uneasy about the latest performances of the Brazilianto which they still give a lot of credit this season after its spectacular start.

This way, neymar He is not threatened to be a substitute in the next PSG games, despite the fact that he is not at the level of the first part of the season, before the World Cup. In the French club they have attended with perplexity all the attacks by the French media against the Brazilian, whom they pointed out as one of the main culprits after the defeat against him. Renneslast Sunday.

“We are not worriedbut we have to rectify some things collectively”, they point out from the club to the French outlet. Therefore, in this newspaper they point out that Neymar is “untouchable” within PSG to this day, a status deservedly earned after his spectacular start to the season with 15 goals and 13 assists.

The world Cup has taken its toll on Neymar who returned on December 28 and was expelled before him Strasbourg. He was not in the game against him Lenses and neither the Cup against him chteauroux. The Les in that he suffered with Brazil in the World Cup has marked the Brazilian, who as soon as he recovers his physical level will surely shine again.

However, the level of demand and pressure is maximum due to the results in Ligue 1, with two unexpected defeats against him. Lenses and the Rennes. In addition, the elimination of Champions against him bayern approaches. Neymar finally hopes to give his best in this competition with PSG.

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