PSX-style Resident Evil 4 Demake is shown in two new gameplays

the awesome demake from Resident Evil 4 is shown again in two new gameplays that present us with various locations and enemies from the Capcom classic (via DSOG). Unlike the first preview version that was released to fans, these gameplays What will you see next? they do not have their own playable demo, so we will have to settle for simply seeing how some parts of the title have been adapted. For this occasion, the Brazilian team Rustic Games has shared a first look at the fight we have with El Gigante, as well as a talk between Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong.

As you may have seen in the attached videos, the fight against the boss of El Gigante is somewhat less intimidating than in the original title due to the perspective change to a camera with fixed angles and tank-like controlalthough it should be noted that the work of recreating the scenario and the enemy’s attack patterns are really worked on and are reminiscent of those of the Resident Evil 4 lifelong. On the other hand, the second gameplay shows us a first glimpse of a conversation between Leon and Ada, as well as a brief confrontation against a Regeneratorone of the most fearsome creatures in the game due to its high resistance to shots and regeneration capacity.

The demakes of Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Code: Veronica

The demakes They are not strangers in the saga of resident Evil, and there are certain fans who have a curious fixation on imagining what some of the most recent deliveries would look like with the polygons of the first Sony PlayStation. In addition to this elaborate demake from Resident Evil 4on other occasions we have reported other works made by very interesting fans such as a recreation of Resident Evil 7 or Code: Veronica with this same style.

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