Psychiatrist who abused a patient suffering from depression in Málaga jailed for seven years

A psychiatrist from Málaga will serve seven years in prison for raping a patient suffering from depression. After going through several doctors and getting treatment, the woman approached a professional in 2019. The woman was raped on May 16 of the same year, The statement, to which the ABC has access, says there was no nurse at the consultation that day and that the consultation took place between 8pm and 8.30pm, which ended in sexual assault.

The doctor took advantage of the fact that he knew the patient had a hernia and could be asked about that condition. So, he told her that he was going to examine her and that she should lie down on a stretcher. Once lying down, psychiatrist “Motivated by the spirit of sexual desire” He pulled her pants and underwear down to her thighs, touching her with a sort of ruler or fist from her face to the inside of her thighs.

Once there, with his own hands and without wearing gloves, he began to rub her clitoris, asked her if she had touched herself as well, and approached her, panting at the same time. insert one or two fingers into the vagina, He repeated this several times, despite the young woman’s insistence that this was not where she was injured.

He did not stop, but continued walking. Later, he kissed her waist while telling her “Healthy Frog Butt” And, while the young woman was dressing, he asked her if her breasts also hurt. The sentence states that the psychiatrist’s belief about her illness made her “vulnerable” to sexual assault.


At the end of the counselling, the young woman came out in a state of ‘shock’ and told several friends what had happened to her. At that time, as a result of these events, suffered an anxiety crisis Which was cured with only one alternative assistance, which took 19 days, which included four days of basic non-committal personal injury and 15 days of interruption in any activity or occupation.

Likewise, the victim has suffered an anxious-depressive state as a result of what happened, which requires follow-up and medical and medicinal treatments At least till April 2021.

Based on these facts, the psychiatrist was sentenced to seven years in prison in the first instance. A sentence that has been approved by the Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA). Additionally, you must pay 30,000 euros for moral damages reason, plus 60 euros for each day of disability and 30 euros for each day of injury without disability.


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