Psychological assistance bonus: voucher up to 600 euros. Here are the necessary requirements, how it works and how to apply for the benefit

Psychological assistance bonus: voucher up to 600 euros. Necessary requirements, how it works and how to apply for the benefit.

The psychologist bonus will come to 600 euros per year and could affect about 18 thousand people: it will be parameterized according to the ISEEwith the maximum ceiling set at 50 thousand euros aiming to favor the lower incomes. The amendment, first signed by the deputy Pd Filippo Sensi, was approved as an amendment to the dl milleproroghe after a long pressing. In all, an additional 20 million are allocated in 2022, of which half to finance the bonus and the other half for the recruitment of professionals to combat mental distress related to the consequences of Covid.

The basic requirement to be able to access the measure is to have the ISEE below 50,000 euros. There are no age restrictions.

The Ministry of Health will publish, 30 days from the approval of the Milleproroghe decreea decree with all the practical indications for submit the application to the Revenue Agency for the Psychologist Bonus.

At that stage, details such as all the requirements will also be clarified, others to the amounts due based on income.

The impact of the pandemic on mental health is attenuated

On Friday the M5s parliamentarians in the Chamber’s Social Affairs committee took stock of the need for the bonus: «Two years after the start of the emergency, Covid shows no sign of attenuating the impact of the pandemic on mental health. A growing discomfort confirmed by the data: according to the National Council of the Order of Psychologists in recent years as many as 8 out of 10 people have developed problems of structured psychological malaise and 2 out of 10 mental disorders in the strict sense and more severe “.

M5s hopes that in the Milleproroghe decree “the expected answers will finally arrive, and that the psychological bonus represents only an initial response to the need to guarantee real accessibility to the protection of mental health”, even at a basic level. The Lazio Region is not the only territorial reality to have approved a specific rule for psychological aid: after the exclusion of the bonus from the new Budget Law, the Municipality of Rimini also announced that it intends to take action by establishing it at its own expense for young people and economically fragile people. And also 21 scientific societies have asked for the institution of the bonus with a document addressed to the Government, Parliament and local authorities.

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