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The 21st century along with modern life brings a package full of challenges. Metaphorically it seems that the world would rotate faster than in the past and most human beings are pushed almost to the limit. It is true that the competition in general has grown and to keep up to date we need to make an effort to remain current.

There is definitely no single container to improve our lives, since we are individuals, interacting differently with our circles of life, so our multiple interactions and our own personality make us have unique experiences.

What we can do to manage and improve our lives is to be able to give ourselves an inner space that is enriching and guides us towards our own individual needs. Let’s call this our internal compass and the ability to be with oneself. This space is vital for us to interact with our other circles of our lives.

The psychologist Bronfenbrenner created a proposal that focused on the children’s system, but we can apply this to the lives of adults as well.

The first is the microsystem which is the closest area of ​​interaction for the child, the parents, the school. religious organizations etc

The second system he called the mesosystem that includes most of the identities that influence the human being.

Next is what the psychologist calls the exosystem, which includes the extended family, social services, technology, media.

The following is the macrosystem that includes government, culture, and actualities of the world where the being lives. Finally, the chrono system that includes the time, reality of the moment and the country or other

influencing circumstances, such as the current pandemic and

The war in Russia and Ukraine.

Entering the adult world and based on the initial idea of ​​the children’s world, I want to modify some things in order to understand the different circles or areas of adults. The first thing I think is important to develop, as I wrote at the beginning of this article, is self-awareness and self-orientation. It is important to understand who we are, what we are interested in doing and being.

When we are born we do not have the ability to understand ourselves as an individual interacting with others in this world. Over time we develop our own being through interactions with other people, life experiences and the emotional and mental balance that we can achieve.

What I am suggesting is that when we come to have these possibilities of self-awareness it is time to expand this first circle with the following possible questions.

1) Do I understand my values?

2) Which ones do I feel comfortable with and if there are one or more that I need to understand better or change?

3) How do I feel about myself?

4) Do I feel that I am my best friend?

These questions will help us to delve deeper into our being and expand this first circle so that we can feel that we manage our lives from ourselves and are in control of many of our areas.

In general, this world requires us to interact with the different circles mentioned above, but the best way to manage our different circles of our lives is by understanding and expanding the circle of oneself, this will be the compass that will help us face the challenges of the 21st century.

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